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Forget About the World

… I’m groovin’ with my girl. – John Legend

It’s my birthday, again. It’s happens every year around this time. Days got long and I was born. Howsabout that.

Despite an upsetting episode involving move-out, today was great. I worked both jobs for a bit. I had lunch with Carey. After work I ran to Target, bought some wine and a couple baking supplies, and was met at home by a dear friend toting half-cheeseburger-half-four-cheese pizza, and a personal-sized ice cream birthday cake! Big Tomato Pizza gets checked off the TDL!

Then my old roomie (funny, the pizza-delivery girl is also an old roomie!) came over, shared some pizza and gave me a book I can’t wait to read. After a gab session, Jenny peaced and Emily and I started baking cookies (peanut butter oatmeal rounds). They’re all cooling off for my going away party tomorrow.

And now I’m sitting on my flooring listening to John Legend. Most of which I purchased on my last birthday in preparation for the John Legend concert. sigh. It’s really been a great year. Don’t let me down, 24.

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Before-Grad-School To Do List

  1. Get a Fong’s shirt Gift from Rachel
  2. Hang with Whit and Nina in the TC
  3. Stop picking my split-ends in public
  4. Read the Woman in White
  5. Read The Crimson Petal and the White
  6. Get new socks (mine all holes or are holiday related)
  7. Try on clothing I haven’t worn since I stopped tanning and see how it looks
  8. Learn from mistakes
  9. Finish the Best of Bond posts (two left!)
  10. Consider establishing a routine
  11. Teach myself more things to cook
  12. Read some of the magazines I subscribe to
  13. Bake with Matt and Alex Alex is on a cross-country bike ride = fail.
  14. Stop saying “like” and “I mean”
  15. Hang out with my little cousins
  16. Toss old shoes
  17. Buy silverware
  18. Take a kamikaze shot at Fong’s (photo required)
  19. Buy a new Kitchen Aid mixer
  20. Learn to work out
  21. Watch The Matrix
  22. Try Big Tomato pizza
  23. Try Frank’s pizza
  24. Own a shirt from SMASH (or whatever they call it, now) Two gifts!

Some of these are lofty and daunting (like #20), some are hard (#14), and some are a given (#4). I’ll keep adding more and crossing off as I get them accomplished. Pass along any ideas!

Update: no time left. Lame. Red items = fail. Black = accomplished.


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Unrepentant Inclinations

“My guilty pleasures have been outweighing my good health.” – Robin Thicke

Inspired by this lyric from the incredibly sexy album Sex Therapy: The Session, I’ve pondered my own delinquent delights. In no particular order…

1. Falling asleep while reading.
Virtue: Waking up refreshed. Vice: Not reading.
2. Texting
Virtue: Good texting. Vice: Bad texting.
3. Spontaneous Car Rides and/or Road Trips
Virtue: Cheap pizza at 3 am. Vice: Gas money.
4. Processing at PB
Virtue: Visible progress. Vice: Impossible to accomplish.
5. Quick Trip (QT)
Virtue: Endless drink dispensers. Vice: It’s a gas station.
6. Sex
Virtue: Everything. Vice: Everything.
7. Netflix

Virtue: On my computer. Vice: Will watch at any hour of the day.
8. Playstation 2
Virtue: Single player entertainment. Vice: Back pain.
9. Baking/Cooking Magazines/Books
Virtue: Recipes. Vice: Recipes I can’t make.
10. Writing Utensils
Virtue: Useful. Vice: Always have too many.
11. Donuts and Processed Cheese
Virtue: Delicious. Vice: Socially unacceptable to like them as much as I do.

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Take Ten

It’s the day. The day after New Year’s Day. The day when people actually start their resolutions. Lose 20 pounds. Run every day. Go to church. Drink less. Drink more. Save the whales. Find Elvis.

So, I too, plan to join the millions who attempt to start the year right.

  1. Go mall-walking, three mornings a week.
  2. Eat fruits and vegetables.
  3. Stop tanning.
  4. Pack lunch and dinner for work.
  5. Avoid the food court at all costs.
  6. Enjoy only one caffeinated beverage per day.
  7. Bake only once per month, or for special occasions.
  8. Read and write more with the English blog.
  9. Keep in touch with my friends better.
  10. Get freelance work in, on time.

All right 2010, let’s show this old girl what’s up.

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Bleeping Blizzards Batman!

Well, it’s official. The first blizzard of the year. Snow first fell on Sunday and then we got a bit of a break, but it picked up Monday night. Yesterday I went to work at 7 am and  it was bad. When I got off my second shift at 6 pm, it was ‘treacherous’ according to radio weather reports. Schools got out early yesterday, cancelled today (colleges included). The mall closed at 5 last night and didn’t open until noon today. Yowsa. The mall didn’t even close when the interstates were closed last winter.

Despite trying to get my car out at 8:30 last night (dreadfully unsuccessful–parked on a patch of ice), I’ve been stuck in my lonely and cold apartment. I have shoddy Internet, no one to talk to, and I’m here without anything to bake with. Ahh! It’s torture, I tell you. I made six blueberry muffins from a pouch, and a very salty stovetop Julienne potato dish. Ick, I’d rather be making peanut butter cookies or red velvet cupcakes or espresso brownies or… Ugh. I’m going to buy a bunch of ingredients the minute I can get out of this place. Toss in a bottle of wine, I’ll be set. No more not being ready for this snowed-in stuff. It was way more fun in college.

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Broken Record

Admittedly, this is getting obnoxious. You would think that all I have in my life is some kind of void or problem revolving around a guy. NOT true. In fact, I recently (as in right before this post) started a new blog to incorporate something else to write about.

But truthfully, in the whole “not exactly ready” scheme of things, guys are one of my ultimate areas of ignorance and inexperience. I have only had a couple boyfriends, and really only one before now that there was an actual breakup that had to be dealt with.

How does one go about drawing the line? What is okay, and what isn’t? How do you stay friends with someone you break up with–especially when it is someone you weren’t friends with before? How can you come off as wanting to be friendly, not pining after them? That’s where I’m at right now. I’m not pining. At all. And I’m so damn worried that I’ll come off like that, but some things make you think of other people. I see a sweet baked good, I text MTK. Spongebob references? Shelby. Unanswerable life questions? Whitney. El Caminos? Max. You just can’t shake  some associations.

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