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Guys. I touched it.

I saw Bond in motion yesterday. I saw parachutes and helicoptors and boats and hovercrafts and cars, all from Bond films. It was amaaaazing. Yes the extra a’s were imperative.

When I get home I will update this post with photos. For now, I’m content telling you a bit about it. The exhibit was located at the center of the National Motor Museum in Beaulieu (pronounced b-yu-lee). We got there just as it opened, and because I had pre-purchased tickets we zoomed past the line. Suckers!

Really the only reason that matters was because we got to Bond in Motion before the majority of thr crowd so I got to take a billion photos. The quality might be questionable, but it didn’t matter. It was great. And I touched Little Nellie. And Goldfinger’s Rolls-Royce Phantom III, and Bond’s Aston Martin DB5.

Sneaky fingers didn’t get caught. Yeah!

There was a bunch of other cool stuff, but I’m getting annoyed typing on this Droid. So, more later. But I do want to tell you SKYFALL keeps getting sold out. Damn tourists. I miss the USA.

Now we’re off to Canterbury, Leeds, and the Cliffs of Dover!

Also, the hotel lobby is playing Alanis’ “Uninvited” right now. And the big news here is impending 4G. Weirdos.


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ImageFirst of all: SEVEN DAYS to Global James Bond Day! 

I’ve been plotting my outfits. And there might also be a big surprise. Get ready.

Not feeling the excitement? Well, if you didn’t already check out the fun online via this recent post, howsabout you crack-up and reminisce over these Flavorwire’s 50 Favorite Bond Quotes, or get jacked on all the cool people to look at on my Pinterest board JamesBond&007


Books. Authors. Actors. Films. Places.

Today is also exactly one month until I pilgrimage to Bond-and-English-lit-nerd Mecca, and I want to give you a little idea of what’s in store (because, well, it doesn’t quite feel real yet, and I need to get more amped about it). My big adventures include:

-The Hollywood Costume Exhibition at the V&A (I don’t know what I’m more excited about, being in a costume exhibit that close to Halloween, or seeing the V&A. Probably the V&A.)

-A possible visit to the Pre-Raphaelite Victorian exhibit at the Tate Britain (I effing love anything Victorian, especially the brother of Christina Gabriel Rossetti, Dante.) 

-I’m going to The Old Vic to see Hedda Gabbler, and The National Theater for some Shakespeare and Timon of Athens (I’m screwed, really. There’s no way I’ll understand anything while listening to those beautiful accents!)

-Day trip to Bond in Motion and the National Motor Museum (This is entirely why I’m going to London this exact year, and not saving money until I actually have it. Also, there is a replica De Lorean and the Flying Car from Harry Potter.)

-Day trip to Bath, Stonehenge, and Windsor, with a stop for lunch at Lacock (Bath has the Jane Austen Centre. I could probably spend the whole trip there, sans Bond. And the little town with an Abbey, Lacock, is where they filmed some British classics, you’ve maybe heard of them, like Cranford and Pride and Prejudice and Harry Potter.)

-Day trip to Leeds Castle, Canterbury Cathedral, and Dover (THANK GOD I’m finally seeing a benefit to being forced to read Canterbury Tales in high school.)

Skyfall in theaters a week earlier than in US (Priceless.)

There’s more, like a Dickens walking tour, and shopping, and eating, and drinking, and two-day passes for bus tours to see all the city sites I can cram into my little eyeballs. But damnit, I’m already more excited just telling you about it. 


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