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Take Ten

It’s the day. The day after New Year’s Day. The day when people actually start their resolutions. Lose 20 pounds. Run every day. Go to church. Drink less. Drink more. Save the whales. Find Elvis.

So, I too, plan to join the millions who attempt to start the year right.

  1. Go mall-walking, three mornings a week.
  2. Eat fruits and vegetables.
  3. Stop tanning.
  4. Pack lunch and dinner for work.
  5. Avoid the food court at all costs.
  6. Enjoy only one caffeinated beverage per day.
  7. Bake only once per month, or for special occasions.
  8. Read and write more with the English blog.
  9. Keep in touch with my friends better.
  10. Get freelance work in, on time.

All right 2010, let’s show this old girl what’s up.


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