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Forget About the World

… I’m groovin’ with my girl. – John Legend

It’s my birthday, again. It’s happens every year around this time. Days got long and I was born. Howsabout that.

Despite an upsetting episode involving move-out, today was great. I worked both jobs for a bit. I had lunch with Carey. After work I ran to Target, bought some wine and a couple baking supplies, and was met at home by a dear friend toting half-cheeseburger-half-four-cheese pizza, and a personal-sized ice cream birthday cake! Big Tomato Pizza gets checked off the TDL!

Then my old roomie (funny, the pizza-delivery girl is also an old roomie!) came over, shared some pizza and gave me a book I can’t wait to read. After a gab session, Jenny peaced and Emily and I started baking cookies (peanut butter oatmeal rounds). They’re all cooling off for my going away party tomorrow.

And now I’m sitting on my flooring listening to John Legend. Most of which I purchased on my last birthday in preparation for the John Legend concert. sigh. It’s really been a great year. Don’t let me down, 24.


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