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Celebrate Bond: The Icon

Many Bond women have dramatic ensembles, and we salute them in today’s theme: The Icon.

Unfortunately, I was too sick to go into the office today. Which is a bummer for two reasons: first, that no one saw this questionable outfit (like, really, is this an “outfit?”) and second, because I had no one to take my picture! This crappy photo booth self portrait doesn’t do justice to this Pussy-Galore-Jenny-Flex homage.

Bonus! James Bond movie posters in the background almost make up for the shitty image quality.

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Celebrate Bond: Buttoned Up

Sorry for the delay on this one, ladies and gents! I’ve gotten ill, which is pretty much ruining the best week ever. I apologize to everyone expecting Global James Bond Day postcards from me: half went out on Monday, the other half will hopefully go out today.

Anyhoo, back to the celebration of Wednesday, which touted the buttoned up styles of our leading ladies. I would have liked to do innocent Solitaire, but since chopping off my hair, it didn’t feel right.

So, I decided to make this the day I nailed a look, as best I could, and went after Vesper’s steely intro in Casino Royale.

I’m the money.

Now, I don’t wear makeup (hardly a shocking revelation after seeing my photos the last two days) but I did go out and buy the cheapest mascara, eyeliner, and makeup remover I could find.Not saying I did a stellar job, but I was pretty stoked that my first attempt was good enough to go to work in. Key elements of the look included a stiff, black, deep-v top, an eye catching necklace, parted and pulled back hair.

Also! Thanks for the shout out, Blog James Blog! If you’re looking for a stellar way to recap the 22 Bond Films, you definitely need to check him out.

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Celebrate Bond: Bad in Black

Yeah, you like that? I can stare off in the distance like those ladies, too. All joking aside, I DO think the scarf and waterproof jacket are must-have accessories for this look.

Day two champions that badass women of Bond, many of whom seem to always be wearing black. And not smiling.

It was easy to over-think this one. Xenia’s tight tee and pulled back hair is my part-time job uniform–yawn–and I don’t have any other black tops. Not even a sweater. (Seriously, this fashion adventure is pointing out some major holes in my wardrobe.) I do have black cardigans, but that felt so not bad. And while I would have liked a just-above-the-knee tight black skirt, I don’t have that, either. Hell, my pants didn’t seem to fit as tight as I wanted, and yoga pants are just not Tuesday-in-Corporate-America appropriate. And then there’s the fact that all my blacks are different shades of black…

But then I put on some pants, because pants are practical. A badass wears pants. Maybe not my pants, but pants nonetheless. And cardigans accent my shape just as well as Wai Lin’s gear. So, I ended up here (which I’m okay with):

Oh! And again on the Skyfall news: Adele’s theme was “leaked” today. I’m undecided, but I think it’s falling a little short (but far above Quantum‘s disaster).

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Celebrate Bond: Like a Boss

Thanks to my art director for demanding the stern meeting look for this photo. Yep, I feel awkward. But anything in the name of Bond.

Today starts the week-long celebration to Global James Bond Day! As previously noted, I’ll be sporting film-inspired looks all week. Today’s look: Like a Boss. Judi Dench’s M is clean cut, stern, and office-management chic. 

Sadly, my high school debate outfits are not in my closet, so I couldn’t pull this look off completely. However, I don’t want every day to be a blur of black, so I decided to go with a colorful blazer. It’s more me, anyway. I’ve been power walking all over the office today. Feels great.

Oh! And in other big-ass Bond news: Adele is totally singing the theme for Skyfall. She’ll release it on Global James Bond Day. 

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