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A Year

I can’t believe I missed my own birthday/anniversary! Today as I sat at the sorority house while some of my sisters were getting ready to go out, I realized that I had started blogging this time last year.


I’d say a lot has happened in that  year. I graduated. I got a part-time job, more gigs in the mag world, and into grad school. I learned to cook more things than just cheese tortillas (boiling water for pasta was a big step). I became addicted to Netflix. I had a random guy ask me for my number for the first time. I visited Boston. I saw some amazing concerts and signed my first apartment lease. I did some things I had always wanted, and definitely discovered some new things about myself.

I wasn’t ready for a lot of it. I’m not as ‘disheveled’ as I was in my first post– although I’m still quite uncertain. But it’s cool. I like where I’m at, who I’m with, and where I’m going. And there are a lot more unexpected things to come.



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The title of my blog right now is, “Blog title.” Why? Well I’m not exactly ready, as my all-too-obvious domain states.

I can’t help it, I’m just not. I wasn’t ready when, at 5:00 today, I signed my first lease on an apartment. I didn’t know it would feel like being an adult. I didn’t know it would suddenly solidify the fact that I’m graduating. I didn’t know I wasn’t ready until I did it.

I’ve also been not exactly ready to start blogging.

Here I am, the big kid with an apartment and a blog.

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