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Five Sexiest Men on my TV: 2016

Uh, guys. This year was hard. I watched a lot of shows with a lot of people I was not attracted to. I mean, I watched The Fall, Broadchurch, Aquarius, Poirot, Luke Cage, Homeland, Galavant, Mr Robot, The Code, The IT Crowd, Schitt’s Creek, London Spy, Jessica Jones, House of Cards, West Wing, Buffy, Scandal, Ripper Street, Fleming: The Man Who Would Be Bond, Better Off Ted. OK, I admit I was uncomfortably attracted to David Tennant in JJ, but that’s not going to make the list.

My number one and number two spots are leagues above the rest. Looks, humour, wit, money… they have it all.

#5 Nate Hyatt House of Lies


Sells sex toys. Confident as hell. Totally adorable.

#4 Malcolm Reynolds Firefly


Good-hearted, hilarious cowboy space pirate. Obvious choice.

#3 Alberto Márquez Velvet

This man is uncomfortably attractive in anything that he wears. Or doesn’t, like this scene where he does a strip tease with his lady love. He’s dark and brooding and passionate and loyal and childish and wonderful.

#2 Mateo Ruiz Lagasca Velvet

The best friend, not the leading man, he’s much more my type. Playful playboy bachelor who wins ladies over with humour and the right amount of paying attention and leaving them wanting more. He’s just a simple guy and pushover at heart, though.

#1 Logan Huntzberger Gilmore Girls

Didn’t think I could love him more than I did last year, but indeed, I do. So much more. This re-watch had me all giddy and girly over the boy. So very caring, so very damn sexy.

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Team Logan

I hope there are people out there having a Valentine’s weekend like this. Here’s to the guys and gals who know all the right things to say.


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Five Sexiest Men on My TV: 2015

Being unemployed for four months before starting grad school, I had a lot of free time for finding sexy men on TV shows. But one show swept this year, and I think it was a combination of me wanting to be the women and the men being so awesome. This year’s runners up include Freddie Lyon from The Hour (fantastic show), Evan the Botanist from My Boys, and Mike Faber from Homeland. Honestly, I think we should take a moment to just be grateful the whole list, and runners up, aren’t all from GG, because they sure could be.

#5 Jim Gordon Gotham


I just started watching this show, I can’t figure him out. I’m intrigued.

#4 Luke Danes Gilmore Girls


This photo sums it up. #curmudgeon

#3 Christopher Hayden Gimore Girls


He was always so unattainable, and I loved that about him. That and all his devilmaycare.

#2 Mike Ross Suits


I think I mostly like his taste in girlfriends (AKA I WANT TO BE HER) but damn if he’s not fun.

#1 Logan Huntzberger Gilmore Girls


He’s perfect. The intelligent, quick witted, adventurous, doting, caring, completely rebellious bad boy–with a lot of money.

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This is exactly how I want to meet my future lova when I’m in library school.


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Why Are You Single?

Sometimes people ask me that. I usually say, “I don’t know.” Sometimes, I have a snotty comeback. Occasionally, I throwout some shit line about already-settled-down middle America.

But now, I’ll say it’s because I’m waiting for my very own Logan Huntzberger.

Oh my god. I’m 28. If I had watched Gilmore Girls when I was younger, it would be over by now. This is embarrassing.

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Gilmore Girls on Netflix

Listen here, interwebs. I didn’t watch Gilmore Girls when it was on TV. I think my mom did, which probably explains why I didn’t. (The only things I can remember watching with her were Diagnosis Murder and Touched by an Angel. I’m not as embarrassed by that as I should be.)

But now it’s on Netflix. I’ve ranked it right next to Californication and West Wing as the-most-binge-worthy shows ever. The writing is addicting. The wit and intelligence and quirk are out of this world.

musicgloomsI’m deep in a Charlie Parker gloomy.” -Lane

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