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I am ruined

My favourite problem-solving archivist for the web archiving service I worked with the last four months just liked one of my tweets (about the company, not like I did something awesome to catch his attention).

I knew who that guy was. I got genuinely excited about it. I also said I have a preferred archivist. What the fuck has school done to me?

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New Cohort

I alluded to my displeasure with the new degree courses, and I was right: 35 minutes into the first class I wanted to drink Canadian Club neat, which is something I would never sanely want to do. Despite how much I hate group work and everything that some of my classes entail, I do think it will be a good challenge for me.

Also, there are some interesting folk in the mix. Fairly legit. doppelgängers.  There is a very similar long-haired version of Matthew Gray Gubler, a Warren Beatty (if he’d aged as-is in this photo with the same face and greying hair)*, and a Max from GREEK. Not even the actor, straight up Max with his smarts, awkward ways, and forced laugh. His wife reads my kinds of books so I already approve, and I desperately want to know if she looks like Casey, but I will refrain from further inquiry until we’ve known each other more than five hours.

There are six other men. This is a significant number of dudes. This has never happened in my adult life: Magazines, sorority, English, library shit… these are not exactly the place to befriend (or more) the men. Neither is this class, but after my last cohort, the mix in this crew is much appreciated.

An embarrassing fact about all this is that Max, me, and another guy who looks like he’s on rumspringa all wore green plaid shirts to class. And sat by each other. 😳


*Hot for TeAcher.

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First Day of Library School


Clearly fated.

Today is my first day specifically toward my library studies degree. Lord save me from this uber politically correct, huggy place. I came in early to photograph a text book, and I already kind of hate it.

Hustle pays, though: I got so much scholarship for the year they are paying me $99 and 4 cents.




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Leggings are not Pants

This was my mantra senior year of college. This is what I said, on repeat, as I stood against a wall in a bar looking like I hated the world. This was a time just before leggings were truly an acceptable thing. A time when people were getting leggings and tights confused (tights are definitely never, ever, ever pants). A time when we still wore jeans to the bar, and to class, and even to work. A time where wearing yoga pants too often and to certain places would have certainly garnered some deserved flack.

I know, I sound ancient. I am.

There was a time in life, probably before I was 25, I got on the leggings train with two pairs that I would wear on occasion. I felt so self-conscious wearing them, and it was obviously not my style: I showed up for dinner at my fave cheap Mexican restaurant and my old roommate was muy sorprendido about my choice of bottoms. I usually hid the comfy stuff respectably under a tunic, but I do recall a navy sweater + leggings combo one night in Vegas with my man friend. Scandalous, really. But they were just so easy to pack!

Well, I got rid of them eventually as they were doing my thighs no favours. Again, before I was 25. I bought plenty of leggings since then, but always wear them more as thick tights under a lengthy dress/tunic. I think I wore them as pants twice, last year, when I was getting my hair done for weddings… but like that doesn’t count. I think I feel like I can’t wear them because I spent so much time being judgemental in 2009. And because I may or may not have some dysmorphia issues. Like you do.

Anyway, so this long history is really just to explain how fucked up shit was two weeks ago when, at 30 years old, I wore leggings as pants.



I was sick. It was Friday. I realized my large shirt would look weird with baggy jeans, and the only good option was fleece-lined stretchy bottoms.

So I did it.

Honestly, I did feel quite self conscious. But I did not look that ridiculous, and I actually liked this little ensemble. Maybe I’ll do it again, but I think I’m too hung up on my age to try it anywhere soon… except maybe on my FLIGHT TO NEW ZEALAND IN DECEMBER. Because yeah, that’s a cool thing I’m doing, and I certainly want stretchy pants for that. Plus, #packing.

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River Tam

I’m in my last week of my first year of grad school. I’m actually completing the year! It’s hard to believe.

It’s also just hard. I’m writing a paper for 50% of my grade for a professor who is notoriously hard on students, but I’ve never had to write for her. And my perfectionist nature wants six more weeks to do all this research and write this amazing paper (because the other four weeks worth of research and prep was not helpful). But I have four days. Really only two days.

So naturally I decided to watch Firefly again. God, Nathan Fillion is a dreamboat. Maybe I should be Malcolm next year for Halloween. Anyway…

Bring it, school. I fly out for a wedding tomorrow night and I will not be denied.


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My Name is Kristina

and although I might smell like I’ve been wearing the same shirt for three days…


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Back when Google was young

When I was in college, Google was still pretty new…

(Oh god, I already know I’m going to tell so many stories that start like this, to young people in libraries when I’m 110 and graduate from grad school.)

And because Google wasn’t as advanced, it didn’t quite recognize my university. Searching (because “Googling” wasn’t an ingrained, grammatic nightmare term yet) “Drake University” would always produce results, but with the overhead of, “Did you mean Duke University?”

No, Google, I didn’t. And that pissed me off. And thankfully you figured it out.

Nowadays, I’m having de-ja-vu. I’ll go to bedbathandbeyond.com or walmart.com or anything .com and the website will give me a popup that’s basically asking me if I know that I’m in Canada. Yes, Internet, I actually typed the .com to avoid having to navigate away from .ca. LET IT BE.

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A simple petition: Brunch 7 Days a Week

I am a student again, but I am also a grown ass woman this time. 

Recently, I realized that some days I would like an acceptable approach to day-drinking, because the nights are terrifying in this new city where I bus everywhere. And because I suddenly find myself with copious amounts of free time during the middle of the week. And middle of the day. And I want to take advantage of my fabulous freedom when the other poor saps are slaving away in the real world.  Also because I use nights to be productive. Also because during the day I want to pretend I’m not spending my nights alone, drinking tea and killing my neck as I cower over an iPad. 

Basically, what I want is a brunch extension. Not just Saturday and Sunday, please. Hit me with a good mimosa deal and some eggs on a fucking Tuesday for a change so I can find some benefit to being back in school. 


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Ma! The Meatloaf!

After witnessing an epic dance off to Meatloaf at a wedding this summer, I didn’t imagine getting too jazzed about the man again. But grad school had other plans for me. Expect, in the next couple days, that I will turn in an assignment titled

“But I Won’t Do That: Joan Van Albada – the Archivist Meatloaf”

in which I discuss the ambiguousness of that in relation to a pompous a-hole of an archivist who can talk a lot of shit but never actually say what his problem is.

It’s a long shot, but, I’m doing it. Because #gradschool #blog

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Iowa! History!

People seem to only know about Iowa because of the Caucuses.
Iowa! Nationally politically (bafflingly?) relevant since 1972! 

But, I just learned about an even older and more prestigious accolade thanks to T.R. Schellenberg’s 1956 book: Modern Archives: Principles and Techniques (page 180):

“This paper, which was to be made a chapter of a primer for archivists that was planned at the 1912 conference, accepted the principle of respect des fonds as the basic principle of archival classification to be followed in the United States and illustrated its application to the archives of Iowa.”

You guys, the National Archives weren’t established until 1934. It was Iowa’s pioneering ways that helped establish a very important element of archival organization in the national system. (Forget the fact that the U.S. actually has weird ideas about archives compared to the rest of the world.)

Iowa! Helping America save old shit since 1912!

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