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This is the view from the corner of my deck: East is the orange construction, south is the massive hole where a house stood when I moved in. Not pictured, five doors west is another whole-house overhaul.

No, I was not exactly ready for my sleepy little hamlet to become Construction City the week grad school started.

Yes, you are right in thinking that none of this is good for the endless hours of reading I have to do for grad school. Good thing the laptop I purchased (that’s entirely unsuitable for the major, mind you) came with a free pair of headphones that I decided to upgrade to the wireless model. Spotify’s “Focus” channels are trying to help, too.


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It’s All Happening

Two-ish years ago I started to really consider graduate school again. A year ago, I made it official when I talked with my past professors, got their support, and started researching.

I was unhappy enough with my job to try for programs, even though I felt like the odds were stacked against me: My GRE scores had expired, I’d already dropped out of one program, and my most recent GPA was not only embarrassing to me, it was too low for most school’s requirements.

I researched and researched, looking for international programs that didn’t require most scores/grades, local programs that seemed cool (but not so cool that I would be immediately disqualified), and programs that had a sort of “remedial” status. I selected eight to suck away my sanity and free time as I wrote endless statements and paid endless fees for about ten months.

You know what? It paid off. I’m so humbled, and proud, to show you the shitty list that’s been on my fridge since last year. It says that every program accepted me. From the safety schools to the could-be-cool schools, to the international powerhouses and the actually incredibly legitimate programs.


I have to make a decision by next week, and I’ve narrowed my choices to three. I’m trying not to dwell too much on it this week, as I’ve spent so much time engrossed in it during the last month that I just want to take a breather and let my thoughts and feelings organically come together. But this I just had to share. It’s incredible to me that my love of books and passion for learning literally placed the world at my fingertips.


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This is exactly how I want to meet my future lova when I’m in library school.


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Reading Wilkie

Charles Dickens and Wilkie Collins are the two bffs of the Victorian period who talked me into going to grad school, and who also convinced me that Tech was the right choice.

I may hate school now, but that doesn’t change my admiration of all things D&C. So let’s talk about how awesome it is that right now I am reading the original serialization of Wilkie’s The Woman in White in Charles’ All The Year Round.

So awesome.

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This is Grad School

If I were to bake a better than sex cake, I’d have to call it the “better than getting out of class early” cake.

For serious. Because that’s the most titillating thing to happen since I moved.

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So, last night was this New Graduate Student Orientation. Overall: pointless. It was aimed at international students. But we did score some sweet swag, which makes everything better. The library won my unending affection.

Little book...

filled with Post-Its!

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Say my name

I’m doing my first assignment for grad school. Yep, despite the fact I don’t have to post this week, I am. Or, I am planning to–I haven’t yet found a way to make it useful and not simply related like, “Oh hey, this article mentions Burns’ thing for a mouse and a louse. Sweet. We read about Burns’ mouse and louse.”

There are three reasons I’m hoping to post:

1. If the first one sucks, I can show lots of improvement with the next nine.
2. I actually have an article that I think is relevant. And I understand it.
3. Carol McGuirk is the author, meaning my post title is ‘McGuirk on McGuirk.’

Eleven hours to make that happen.

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