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Five Sexiest Men on My TV: 2011

I missed it! My “Five Sexiest” post should have occurred this time-ish last month. This year is a little rough. I’m re-watching old shows, still following some current ones, and watching some that are entirely new to me (and not new to anyone else). There was not a clear selection for my top five, or the rankings within. Many of my favorites fell from grace. It’s a strange year, indeed.

#5 Stringer Bell The Wire

Stringer Bell

He’s not a good person. But the way he does business (and looks) is damn hot.

#4 Gisborne Robin Hood

Sir Guy of Gisborne

He’s just so awkward and lovesick and clueless. He’s not nice, but he means well. And he’s British.

#3 Hank Moody Californication

Hank Moody

Hank fell, and fell solely because the show isn’t as good as it used to be. Tragic, passionate, fuck-up Hank, still makes me swoon. The Hank who wrote a letter to a pregnant Karen still makes me teary. Early Hank owns my heart.

#2 Fisher GREEK


Back to the top five for this guy. I know he’s a cheater, but everything else about him would quite possibly make him my number one. Watching this a third time, he really reminds me of the guy I dated in college–bike and GDI status included.

#1 Jim Halpert The Office


It took me until this month to see The Office. I refrained from watching it for a lot of dumb reasons (like it was closely linked to my friend’s sex life, or everyone loved it so much I felt stupid for never having seen it). But now, like many girls, I adore Jim. Of course he’s cute and funny, but mostly I am enamored with the way he makes Pam feel–blissfully happy, confident, and comfortable. I want that.


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Welcome Back, Hank.

Not only does the lady have bodacious ta-tas, she also has splendiferous taste in literature. – Hank Moody. sigh.

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Five Sexiest Men on TV: 2010

This time last year I composed a “sexiest men on tv” post that has continued to direct traffic to my blog. But since then, some of those hit-inducing-hotties have left the top five. Goodbye Don, Derek and Fisher. Say hello to the sexiest men on my TV in 2010.

#5. Tom Jeter Studio 60: On the Sunset Strip

Tom Jeter


He’s cute and awkward and funny and real.

#4. Jack Hodgins Bones

Jack Hodgins

A wealthy conspiracy theorist with fabulous sexual ingenuity (Egyptian storage room to John Legend music?), he finally stole my heart in Season 5.

#3. Cappie Greek


I wasn’t much for Greeks in college, but Cappie is an exception. As they said on the show, he’s something of a scruffy Rob Thomas. Cu-ute. Plus he’s goofy.

#2. Agent Seeley Booth Bones

Agent Seeley Booth


His belt buckle says “cocky.” He’s adorably corny. He’s a family man. If you’re having a bad day he’ll show up with Chinese food or donuts. I could probably get lost in his eyes. And arms. And abs.

#1. Hank Moody Californication

Hank Moody

I am irrationally and undeniably attracted to a man that sluts it up and does some occasionally awful things. I think it’s because he’s a tortured artist debilitatingly in love with an amazing woman. And he’s the smart, sexy bad boy who is mind-blowing in bed. Yes please.

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Moody’s Blues

Good writing is sexy. Not in the same way humor or strong arms are sexy. No, humor is required and strong arms just give you something to inwardly gloat about. Good writing conveys confidence, knowledge, passion and wit. At least, in my definitely subjective view it does.

The TV show Californication is mind-fuckingly brilliant. Truly. It’s sexy, sexy writing about a sexy man who happens to be a sexy writer. It’s almost too much sexy to handle, if the plot wasn’t so saturated with love, lust, and loss.

Stumbling about the internet, I discovered this little collection of quality Hank Moody quotes. It’s a testament to the genius of the show’s writers and their main character. Many of my personal favorites involve the ‘broner’ and Canadian diamonds, but because I’m feeling a little nostalgic, here’s the epic letter that won many a woman over to Hank’s darkside (because before, they couldn’t quite find his ‘sea of pointless pussy’ as endearing as I did).

Dear Karen,

If you’re reading this it means I actually worked up the courage to mail it, so good for me. You don’t know me very well but if you get me started I have a tendency to go on and on about how hard the writing is for me. But this, this is the hardest thing I’ve ever had to write.

There’s no easy way to say this so I’ll just say it, I met someone. It was an accident, I wasn’t looking for it, it wasn’t on the make, it was a perfect storm. She said one thing, I said another, next thing I knew, I wanted to spend the rest of my life in the middle of that conversation. Now there’s this feeling in my gut she might be the one. She’s completely nuts in a way that makes me smile, highly neurotic with a great deal of maintenance required, she is you, Karen. That’s the good news.

The bad is I don’t know how to be with you right now. And that scares the shit out of me. Because if I’m not with you right now, I have this feeling that we’ll get lost out there. It’s a big, bad world full of twists and turns. And people have a way of blinking and missing the moment. The moment that could have changed everything. I don’t know what’s going on with us, and I can’t tell you why you should waste the leap of faith on the likes of me, but damn you smell good. Like home. And you make excellent coffee. That’s got to count for something right?

Call me.

Unfaithfully yours,

Hank Moody.

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Five Sexiest Men on TV

I can’t sleep. Please allow me to indulge.

#5. Derek Shepherd Grey’s Anatomy

Don’t hate. A) I haven’t seen the show since the third season. B) I don’t watch a lot of TV. C) I couldn’t do the four sexiest men. D) I kind of have a thing for old men. Annoying as he may be, Derek has one very alluring penchant: patience.

#4. Don Draper Mad Men

Adultery aside, the man has the job, the facial structure, and the voice–if I may speak superficially. And he looks damn good in a suit.

#3. Fisher GREEK

He’s the non-Greek guy on GREEK (not to be confused with Dale). Sweet, persistent and hot, his tantalizing trait is a somewhat hidden nerdy side.

#2. Cappie GREEK

Sexy, obnoxious, secretly smart, caring, spontaneous, charismatic, attractive and funny… the list could go on for days. Cappie is my ultimate frat boy.

#1. Hank Moody Californication

Just look at him there, without his pants. Seductive, no? He writes, he fucks, he drinks, he fucks up, and he loves. He’s fiercely loyal, heart-meltingly still into his baby-mommy, and always trying to be a better dad. And, from what I gather, fabulous in the sack.


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