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Observations on Texas, I

I waited a little while to post my first round of observations on Texas. This is mostly because I haven’t done anything since I moved here. Except put together my apartment–that I have done and it will have it’s own glorified post in the very near future. But for now, here are some things I’ve noticed about my new realm.

1. Roads are like nothing I’ve ever experienced. There are four-lane one-ways, turnarounds, frontage roads and loops. Not uncommon for people from big cities, but it’s certainly new to this girl. I practically live on the corner of two major roads. Major means five to seven lanes across. In the middle of town. What the fuck? It’s not as bad as I’d imagined, though. So far, so good, although I’ve only ventured three places: Target, a parking lot at TTU, and another Target.

2. People here are slow. Sssslllloooooooowwww. Well, not when driving. But at everything else. Fast food? Slow. Talking? Slow. Walking, moving, standing, eating. Slow, slow, slow, slow! It makes me crazy. I wonder if people will have a hard time understanding me when I speak.

3. Popular foods are far different here. For instance, down the street is a corner with Sonic, Jimmy Johns (hooray!) and Dennys. I’ve never seen more then two cars in the JJ parking lot. Sonic, however, has at least five cars at all times and once I saw the parking spaces full (like 20+ spots) with a line. Dennys, too, is wildly popular. And traveling down 50th I know of at least five taco places. It’s nuts! Also, fountain drinks are a bit different here. Like the “Enjoy Fanta Red.” Hmm.

4. I’m rather paranoid here. I think people look at me funny, talk to me funny, everything. I feel like I have IOWA stamped across my forehead.

5. Music doesn’t suck. Not that they don’t have Country here. Because they do. But I’ve managed to avoid it by finding a wicked Hip-Hop station that I never plan to turn off.

6. Everyone wears TTU gear. Mostly red shirts that say Texas Tech or Texas Tech University. I see a lot of “Wreck ‘Em Tech” as well. Guess I’m underdressed.

That’s about all I’ve had the honor of observing thus far. Gimme a while, a couple trips to campus, an orientation or class or two, and I’ll have much more to comment on, I’m sure.


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