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New SKYFALL international trailer

Ladies and Gents-

The newest SKYFALL trailer is live.

This IS going to be a Bond movie. It just feels like a Bond movie. My faith in humanity is restored.

So good to see some action with Ben Wishaw and Javier Bardem. And Berenice Marlohe and Naomie Harris. And to see James goes for some old fashioned shower sex and womanizing. Fabulous.
86 days! [visit 007.com for an up-to-the-minute countdown, and all the other goodies]

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Q is back!

After the shitstorm known as Daniel Craig ruined my favorite parts of JamesBondom (the shaken-not-stirred martinis, the gadgets, the reckless sex, and the other little bits that defined the franchise), I didn’t think it would happen. But it did, and now, ladies and gents…

Q is back! 

Ben Whishaw playing a much younger rendition of Q

Entertainment Weekly announces here (with excellent photography to pinpoint the evolution of Q) that the beloved long-time character of Q is returning in a fresh new fashion. Although he’s lost the cravat since last I saw him on the big screen, Ben Whishaw is certainly not going to be lacking his poetic way with words. A new Skyfall trailer released at San Diego Comic Con (only my absolute Mecca) has Q telling Bond that he could “kill more people with his computer, while wearing pajamas at home, than Bond can do in a year.”

Yeehaw, kiddos!

Also notable: Villainous Javier Bardem still remains unseen for the most part. MI6 lost a flash drive with, like, the identities of all the secret agents (wasn’t that an episode of Spooks?). And there are rumors of M’s death. Losing Judi Dench is acceptable–losing the character of M is not. Don’t make me regret my current praise, Barb.

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Here’s the deal: Since I petitioned for Talulah Riley to be Bond Girl 23 and gasped about the villain queries, a lot has happened. EON went bankrupt/up for sale, and the 23rd film was practically killed and then brought back to life. Pins and needles, folks.

Last week, they had the official press conference to kickoff filming.

A portion of the cast gathered for the Skyfall press conference

Now, I am a vocal Craig hater, so I hate to admit this, but I am SO FUCKING STOKED for the next Bond film “Skyfall.” Here’s why:

  • Judi Dench is back as M
  • Javier Bardem is the confirmed villain
  • Ralph Fiennes is a confirmed actor, rumored villain
  • Naomie Harris (Calypso in the POTC trilogy) is a Bond ally
  • “Skyfall” is NOT a continuation of the “Casino Royale” – “Quantum of Solace” duo
  • Sam Mendes is an Academy Award winning director (this is a first for Bond)
  • French actress Berenice Marlohe is the Bond Girl (and wonderfully reminiscent of Sophie Marceau as Elektra King)
  • Conflicting rumors say this film is “action packed” and “action lacked” meaning it should finally have the right amount of action
  • Adele is rumored to be a contender for the theme song

After all the mishaps and injuries during production of “Quantum of Solace,” it will be interesting to see if the ghosts of Bonds past accept “Skyfall” and let the actors and crews film with ease (it is fully my belief they were trying to prevent that travesty from ever reaching the screen). Release is set for November 2012. Don’t let me down.


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Bond 23 Bad Boys

Bond News Update! More gossip is out about potential Bond baddies.

Javier Bardem confirmed that he is in talks with Sam Mendes about a possible villainous role in the upcoming Bond 23, but no decisions have been made.

Bond 23 moviemakers are also rumored to be courting Ralph Fiennes. Although a different role, he too is up for some serious villainy. And I kind of like it. Voldermort and Blofeld have that Scary-Bald vibe. Ralph is the missing link.

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