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Before-Grad-School To Do List

  1. Get a Fong’s shirt Gift from Rachel
  2. Hang with Whit and Nina in the TC
  3. Stop picking my split-ends in public
  4. Read the Woman in White
  5. Read The Crimson Petal and the White
  6. Get new socks (mine all holes or are holiday related)
  7. Try on clothing I haven’t worn since I stopped tanning and see how it looks
  8. Learn from mistakes
  9. Finish the Best of Bond posts (two left!)
  10. Consider establishing a routine
  11. Teach myself more things to cook
  12. Read some of the magazines I subscribe to
  13. Bake with Matt and Alex Alex is on a cross-country bike ride = fail.
  14. Stop saying “like” and “I mean”
  15. Hang out with my little cousins
  16. Toss old shoes
  17. Buy silverware
  18. Take a kamikaze shot at Fong’s (photo required)
  19. Buy a new Kitchen Aid mixer
  20. Learn to work out
  21. Watch The Matrix
  22. Try Big Tomato pizza
  23. Try Frank’s pizza
  24. Own a shirt from SMASH (or whatever they call it, now) Two gifts!

Some of these are lofty and daunting (like #20), some are hard (#14), and some are a given (#4). I’ll keep adding more and crossing off as I get them accomplished. Pass along any ideas!

Update: no time left. Lame. Red items = fail. Black = accomplished.



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