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It’s here. Finally. My Usher OMG Tour recap!

As expected, Usher put on quite the show, opening with a weird military-like entourage and then floating across the arena from the back. Other showy songs were “Mars vs Venus,” with strange white curtains, and the concluding number “OMG.” “Lil Freak” was very reminiscent of the video (monkey bars) and “You Make Me Wanna” had the same dance moves and chairs as that 90s classic video. My favorite, “Trading Places,” was less a musical number than a soft core porn.





Usher did a lot more dancing than singing, which was not a surprise, although I admittedly didn’t anticipate it. I’ve never been to a show that’s that physical–Third Eye Blind and John Legend don’t exactly roll with choreography and backup dancers. But the dancing was fantastic, as were Usher’s abs, and I think my jaw pain that lingered for the next two days was as much from chewing one piece of gum the entire show as it was vigorously chewing that gum from subconscious sexual tension.

The MVP of the night, surprisingly, was AKON and his “hypeman” (so the eversosmart Whitney called him) who we affectionately named Kilthawk. This nickname derived from his kilt and matching vest (with a skinny tie, how classy) and mohawk. Their dance moves were outstanding and he sang many a quality jam: “Locked Up,” “Lonely,” “Smack That,” “I Wanna Love/*&$! You,” “Right Now (Na Na Na),” “Beautiful,” “Bartender” and the two show stealers “I Just Had Sex” and “Sexy Bitch.” For not expecting much going into AKON’s performance, it was a mind-blowing start to the show. And AKON is just smokin’ hot. 

Overall, it was a good night–topped with Lady Gaga and Justin Timberlake on SNL–and I’m very glad we went. Very glad, indeed.

Usher Performance List

  • [jumbled text to myself: ergo, no clue to first song]
  • She Don’t Know
  • Yeah!
  • U Remind Me
  • U Don’t Have To Call
  • You Make Me Wanna
  • Mars vs Venus
  • Nice and Slow
  • Love ’em All
  • Trading Places
  • Love in This Club
  • Lil Freak
  • Hot Tottie
  • There Goes My Baby
  • Let It Burn
  • Bad Girl
  • Daddy’s Home
  • [Michael Jackson dance tribute]
  • Confessions Part I
  • Confessions Part II
  • My Boo
  • I Need A Girl
  • Lovers and Friends
  • Caught Up
  • DJ Got Us Falling In Love
  • More
  • OMG

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Before-Grad-School To Do List

  1. Get a Fong’s shirt Gift from Rachel
  2. Hang with Whit and Nina in the TC
  3. Stop picking my split-ends in public
  4. Read the Woman in White
  5. Read The Crimson Petal and the White
  6. Get new socks (mine all holes or are holiday related)
  7. Try on clothing I haven’t worn since I stopped tanning and see how it looks
  8. Learn from mistakes
  9. Finish the Best of Bond posts (two left!)
  10. Consider establishing a routine
  11. Teach myself more things to cook
  12. Read some of the magazines I subscribe to
  13. Bake with Matt and Alex Alex is on a cross-country bike ride = fail.
  14. Stop saying “like” and “I mean”
  15. Hang out with my little cousins
  16. Toss old shoes
  17. Buy silverware
  18. Take a kamikaze shot at Fong’s (photo required)
  19. Buy a new Kitchen Aid mixer
  20. Learn to work out
  21. Watch The Matrix
  22. Try Big Tomato pizza
  23. Try Frank’s pizza
  24. Own a shirt from SMASH (or whatever they call it, now) Two gifts!

Some of these are lofty and daunting (like #20), some are hard (#14), and some are a given (#4). I’ll keep adding more and crossing off as I get them accomplished. Pass along any ideas!

Update: no time left. Lame. Red items = fail. Black = accomplished.


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Literary Letdown

I thought I could have studied more; taken the subject GRE more seriously. Not awfully unprepared, but, you know, just not exactly ready for it.


There was no “ready” for this. No amount of studying could have prepared me. That test was probably the biggest waste of time, money and effort. I don’t think more than two “must know” pieces of information were on there: The Canterbury Tales and Beowulf. Not one notecard written in a subtle shade of you-better-fucking-know-this red was there. No winged chariot,  widening gyre, passionate shepherd or a drop of water, anywhere! Instead, I got a fucked up ghost story, an obscure quote from a gay dead author, and a racist basketball. And one Restoration Comedy.

Yeah, some stuff I studied was on there, but I didn’t answer one-fourth to one-third of the questions. That’s somewhere around 60 questions. Poor time management was troublesome, but I didn’t even recognize an alarming number of authors or works listed. I would only be less ready if I had attempted open-heart surgery for those three hours instead.

Being told to put my No.2 pencil down was an anxiety-ridden moment indeed.

But hey, it’s done. I survived, Sarah survived, and we had a blast at The Full Monty in Minnesota. Plus this epic failure eliminates the number of schools I plan to apply to. Sweet. More money to celebrate my academic anticlimax.

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Get It

This time tomorrow I will finishing my road trip to Minnesota to see a production of The Full Monty.

But there’s still a lot that’s got to happen before that. Number one being shaking off the sleepiness in my hands. Last night  I sliced myself nine times with a box-cutter and pulled down a really heavy bark-wrapped mirror from stock–which only landed safely on the ground because I used my body as a landing pad. The latter is what I think did my hand in. My good old right hand, which I will be using non-stop  for three hours tomorrow morning, is a bit on the slow side. The nice padded part on my palm, under my thumb, is swollen and sore. I feel like I have arthritis. Even typing is hard. I don’t know anything about injuries, so I’ve just been icing the bugger off and on while I scan Sparknotes.

Sparknotes is another thing that has to get done by tomorrow… preferably in the next hour. I recently realized part of my problem memorizing characters and authors is that I have no plot to connect them together. Ergo (“therefore!” for any Burchard students out there) I started my day with Sparknotes plot summaries. Why, oh why, didn’t I think of this sooner? Well, probably because I’ve been too busy blowing off studying for better options like sleep or the movie Heavy Metal. But still, maybe Sparknotes can be my saving grace.

I also need to successfully navigate to Ames, our hotel, Carver Hall, and Whitney’s apartment before I can dream of seeing the show. I’m crossing my fingers that, although I am directionally challenged, Sarah will keep me sane.

Finally, there is that little matter of the GRE subject test on Literature in English. Yesterday morning I entered the state of panic and it proceeded through the wee hours of the night. Now, I’m nervous, scared, and just plain tired. I could have done more, but I didn’t. So what? If I’m worth anything at all, I’ll get into school without this test.

While I’m not ready for the test, I’m SO ready for all this crap to be over with. And tomorrow, sometime after noon, it will be. I’ll take that.

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LEGENDary Night

Bad pun. I had to.

I’ve been putting off blogging about my John Legend experience (at least since I got home a few hours ago). Why? I have absolutely no idea. Maybe it’s because I don’t think I can verbally convey what I want to say. Or maybe because the further I get from the concert, the less amazing it seems.

I hate admitting that, but it’s true. When I think about when Matt and I saw Third Eye Blind two years ago, this can’t compare. Maybe because that was the first concert I’d gone to as an adult, and I was seeing my favorite band with my best friend and I was literally brought to tears because they played my favorite song. I mean that’s a pretty hefty combination to top, but I’ve been acquainted with them much longer than I have with John Legend. And although I have some fond memories of his tunes (an embarrassingly saccharine dance, a drunken McDonald’s excursion, and now the concert) I don’t know how that stands up to years of fanned anticipation.

But in terms of shows, it’s incredibly clear that John Legend’s is the best I have seen (including two lively Matchbox Twenty concerts and the big band stylings of the Brian Setzer Orchestra). While it’s not something as extravagant as a B.Spears Circus, it was pretty phenomenal. The man can sing the pants off of any straight woman and any mildly-interested-in-other-men man. Admittedly, he wasn’t as physically attractive as I’d pictured (his hair seemed different and he was skinnier than I anticipated). But he was soulful and his voice was sexy and he never stopped singing and he sang all of my favorites and he had flashy displays and rockin’ backup singers and and and…. clearly I don’t have anything bad to say. The show was just what I needed (and what Sarah and Whitney did, too, I think).

Informational Tidbits
-There was a woman directly two rows in front of me who was frequently jumping up, swaying, and shouting (in an awfully man-ish voice) things like “Oh yeah John! I feel you! Yeah John! John! Oh girl! Yeah. Uhhh.” This same person I almost murdered when she stood up and blocked my view during PDA.
-We were the minority there. But not for the reasons you are thinking. It was a pretty mixed crowd for being a man of soul. Instead, we were indeed among the youngest people in attendance, we had less cosmetic surgery (I swear I think I saw bona-fide lip implants), we wore less makeup, had on more clothes which were far too baggy, and we were part of a small percent of white girls who were not on the arm of a non-white man.
-Despite our not-so-fab seats–section R, row SS–we ended up titillating close to The Man. We were tipped off by a previous Legend-frequenter that he enters from the back. Check, we were definitely back. On our trek to the seats we passed an ominous glow-tape X. And there, when he entered, did he first stop and sing. ::sigh:: So close. I almost took the X off the floor and brought it home with me, but opted for an equally cheesy photo opp.
-The only other song I would have wanted to hear was Another Again.

Full Playlist
Redemption Song (cover)
Used to Love U
It’s Over
Refuge (When It’s Cold Outside)
Let’s Get Lifted
Live It Up
In Your Shoes (single by his brother)
Slow Dance
PDA (We Just Don’t Care)
Number One
Save Room
Good Morning
I Can Change
I Want You (She’s So Heavy) (cover)
Everybody Knows
This Time
I Love, You Love
So High
Green Light
Ordinary People
Stay With You

This recap has proved the show has not lessened in amazingness since 11:00 last night. It’s just harder to share this kind of euphoria with someone who isn’t borderline obsessive, or who simply didn’t experience it.

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