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James Bond Tourism: Amsterdam

Despite all my adventures these past few years, I really haven’t dedicated any of it to James Bond fanatic tourist attractions. Well, OK, except the time I planned a trip to London entirely because of the Bond in Motion exhibit.

Anyhoo, this Spring’s Euro-trip with my parentals provided an opportunity for me to do exactly that. One Bond film I’ve seen more than the others–or, at least, I remember better than others–is Diamonds Are Forever. “Oh providing the collars and cuffs match…” and “Quite a nice little nothing you’re almost wearing,” and “Goede Avond” (which I butcher attempting to say it) are phrases I use regularly. At least when I’m talking to myself. And while those quotes are all from DAF, they’re also all from one particular location in the film: Tiffany Case’s Amsterdam apartment.

And that’s exactly where my parents and I first went after disembarking our cruise. The exterior apartment shown in the film is at Reguliersgracht 36. I admit that I’m bad at directions and even more so without my hand navigation apps, so it was a little tricky getting there. But, we got there, and I was fucking stoked.

Just a hop, skimp, and jump away is another DAF hot spot, but one that’s also on the regular tourist route as well: The Skinny Bridge. This where we See Mr Kidd and Mr Wint as a dead body is pulled from the canal.

Watch the video below to see the Diamonds Are Forever clip of the Skinny Bridge and Bond’s arrival at Tiffany’s apartment.

Although it’s not the most iconic Bond film or location, it’s easy to get to and in a prime tourist destination. I highly suggest making the pilgrimage.

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What if the world ends?

When you didn’t hear from me after my last post, you probably thought me and a rough-and-rotten labor-camp spawn had let our souls fly, right? [“We Both Go Down Together?” I should have made reference to that song before the trip.]

Well, that would have been romantic. But no, I just literally had the most overworked month of my life. Between developing major spider veins and a new caffeine addiction at the Barn, glueing myself to my desk at the day job, and occasionally having a social life (not even lying), I have had time for absolutely nothing. Sitting down to write the blog never happened. And that’s sad, because the post-trip bliss was pretty surreal, and I don’t feel like I really got to properly share that with anyone. I would have shared it with you, NERers. Only you.

Now we’re in this predicament. I want to write the musical recap of 2012 that I’ve been drafting in my head while driving to work. I still need to tell you about the all-British hottie lineup on my TV this year. Then there’s the trip, of course, and crossing some more stuff off the 26 List. And posting in-depth about SKYFALL and how it rocked my world.

But, you see, the world is ending next week.

And that clearly means there isn’t enough time to do it all, because I’m still working like a maniac. (Which, I should just walk off the job, because why waste my last 7 days not eating, drinking, sexing and Netflixing my way to oblivion?)
In lieu of it all, I’ll give you, vast interwebs, this honest and unbiased suggestion:

If you only have one week left, and you’ve never seen a Bond movie in your life,
pick Goldfinger. 



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December 13, 2012 · 9:52 am


Here’s the deal: Since I petitioned for Talulah Riley to be Bond Girl 23 and gasped about the villain queries, a lot has happened. EON went bankrupt/up for sale, and the 23rd film was practically killed and then brought back to life. Pins and needles, folks.

Last week, they had the official press conference to kickoff filming.

A portion of the cast gathered for the Skyfall press conference

Now, I am a vocal Craig hater, so I hate to admit this, but I am SO FUCKING STOKED for the next Bond film “Skyfall.” Here’s why:

  • Judi Dench is back as M
  • Javier Bardem is the confirmed villain
  • Ralph Fiennes is a confirmed actor, rumored villain
  • Naomie Harris (Calypso in the POTC trilogy) is a Bond ally
  • “Skyfall” is NOT a continuation of the “Casino Royale” – “Quantum of Solace” duo
  • Sam Mendes is an Academy Award winning director (this is a first for Bond)
  • French actress Berenice Marlohe is the Bond Girl (and wonderfully reminiscent of Sophie Marceau as Elektra King)
  • Conflicting rumors say this film is “action packed” and “action lacked” meaning it should finally have the right amount of action
  • Adele is rumored to be a contender for the theme song

After all the mishaps and injuries during production of “Quantum of Solace,” it will be interesting to see if the ghosts of Bonds past accept “Skyfall” and let the actors and crews film with ease (it is fully my belief they were trying to prevent that travesty from ever reaching the screen). Release is set for November 2012. Don’t let me down.


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Reasons to love the 80s

Star Wars. Indiana Jones. Back to the Future. Me.

And this:

"Why don't you let me feed you after midnight and get you wet."

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Multiple Choice

I’m a proponent of the neo-happy ending. Last year in my English capstone on Romance, I realized that I hate traditional happy endings. Guy gets girl and they live happily ever after. Hate it. Wouldn’t it have felt wrong for Rick to board that plane with Ilsa, instead of Victor?  And how would Titanic have worked out? A huge historical tragedy and Rose and Jack would have just ran off to America in bliss. I think not. Had Maria and Tony made it, what then? The Sharks and the Jets teaching inner-city kids how to find motivation through dance instead of gangs? Happy endings don’t have to be “happy” (admittedly, it’s almost required for Disney Princess movies and RomComs).

I don’t know if that makes me a pessimist, optimist, or realist. Depends on your paradigm, I suppose. But it’s something I employ in my own life as well. I don’t look at any situation and hope for the happily ever after. I hope for the best of what’s likely. If I had control, I’d always pick option (a). But I don’t. Options (b), (c) and (d) happen. Even an (e) slips in sometimes. And then there are the other variables. Like, my (a) might be someone’s (b) or (c). You don’t want them to not have their (a), right? [Unless it comes down to Fong’s pizza. In which case, I want Honey and Garlic, and I don’t care what you want.] So it’s all about getting the ending that’s best for the situation. Hopefully that means it works out for everyone. [I didn’t take the last of the slices–just what you wanted. Here’s (b). Four Cheese. It’s also delicious.]

I can roll with (b).

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I am spending my first Christmas alone. Who can be ready for that? No one, really, even if they are expecting it. I found out pretty early on that going home wasn’t terribly likely. Snowmaggedon was upon us again.

But Christmas alone, just isn’t Christmas. I went to Christmas Eve Mass instead of having it said in my living room. I had frozen food for lunch and dinner. I saw Sherlock Holmes. Alone. (Great movie, though. And I definitely think there will be enough interest for them to produce the sequel that they’ve already admitted wanting to make.) I completed my application to Washington State University. I talked to my parents. I watched the best James Bond movie ever.

Yep, pretty much feels like a normal day.

Except I don’t always get told I’m on the naughty list.

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The Hangover

Two weekends ago I saw The Hangover. What a fabulous flick! Great humor, a funny naked guy, and a tiger. No better formula for success.

But what I wasn’t ready for was when I experienced what I call The Hangover: 16 hours in bed due to one night of drinking. I kid you not. I know it’s my fault–gummy worms and cooked vegetables were my dinner, I didn’t have breakfast, and my lunch was some rice and a mini bagel. Ah, but how easily we forget (at least if you’re me) that a night of successful drinking begins with a strong base.

I know that drinking a bottle or so of wine also is in the equation for the ultimate hangover. Again, my choice. If only I had known I would wake up the next morning at 8 am, unable to move, and stay that way until 5 pm! Then, maybe, I would have made better decisions.

This, friends means three things. That I will not be drinking for a while. That not drinking will inadvertently save me money (woo!).  That I’m getting too old for this shit. I’ll be 23 in a week. SICK. Grow up, Kristina.

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