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Sleep Talkin’

I’ve heard horror stories where people get called the wrong name at the worst possible time. Shouting “David!” when you’re dating a Mike. Oh. Shit. Either you fantasize about the person, are sleeping with the person, or once slept with them. Whichever, it’s bad. Thankfully, I’ve never had it happen. I would be mortified in either position: the name-caller or the one who got misnamed.

A less hostile, but also embarrassing situation is talking in your sleep. You don’t have control over what you’re dreaming about or what your deep unconscious is revealing.  For me, the embarrassing sleep-talk happens just before I fall asleep. I’m half unconscious, already dreaming, and I’ll probably tell you I’m not asleep. But I am. And you are going to get strange, unrelated answers if you ask me something. Yet, so far, nothing too bad has come out of my mouth in this state.

However, recently I had an experience where these two scenarios combined. A straight guy, in a sleepy and drunken stupor, called me a gay guy’s name.


It wasn’t awkward… it was hilarious. He also must suffer from pre-sleep motormouth, and was too far gone to grasp reality. He doesn’t even remember it.

In the realm of not exactly ready, this is fantastically up there.


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A Good Laugh

Despite my poor attitude these last couple days, the world is a funny place. Working today, I discovered a couple people must be having a good laugh somewhere out there, too. I took screen shots from our website:

Picture 1Picture 5

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Babies and Backaches

I’ve been MIA in posting for a while. Most of it is the baby names job that is sucking away my life, and good posture. I spend so much time sitting on my ass researching baby names that I am pretty sure my back is going to go. (Although I am now dying to name a boy James Aston or Sean Aston. Bond and Bond Car.) I received a massage gift and I’ll probably  use it on July 15. A desk would be nice in the meantime. ::sigh::

I also haven’t been posting because our stolen internet is on mega fritz. And because, well, I haven’t had much to go on with this thread of “ready or not.” At least, what I have been experiencing in the world of “not ready” isn’t something that should be posted on the web. Which says a lot considering I’m not one to censor my self (or others). But hey, sometimes things gotta stay private.

However, I have seven minutes until I need to kick the power to this laptop and head out of town. I’m spending the Fourth with the fam, of course. My cousin may or may not be moving out of the country, so it’s pretty important to me to see her. I stopped to find internet solely to update my Facebook countdown, er, count-up, to the John Legend concert. I’m stoked and celebrating by posting lyrics daily. Since I’ll be web-free for a couple days, I had to get it taken care of pre-trip. Don’t worry, I’ll be posting the lyrics, and why I chose them, when it’s closer to the concert.

Times up. Hit the road, Jack.

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