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Broken Record

Admittedly, this is getting obnoxious. You would think that all I have in my life is some kind of void or problem revolving around a guy. NOT true. In fact, I recently (as in right before this post) started a new blog to incorporate something else to write about.

But truthfully, in the whole “not exactly ready” scheme of things, guys are one of my ultimate areas of ignorance and inexperience. I have only had a couple boyfriends, and really only one before now that there was an actual breakup that had to be dealt with.

How does one go about drawing the line? What is okay, and what isn’t? How do you stay friends with someone you break up with–especially when it is someone you weren’t friends with before? How can you come off as wanting to be friendly, not pining after them? That’s where I’m at right now. I’m not pining. At all. And I’m so damn worried that I’ll come off like that, but some things make you think of other people. I see a sweet baked good, I text MTK. Spongebob references? Shelby. Unanswerable life questions? Whitney. El Caminos? Max. You just can’t shake ¬†some associations.


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