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WAGW: Relationships

After I wrote my intent of doing the WAGW series, ‘Relationships’ was my first post. I said it was “easy” and I listed three things I needed in order to be happy in a relationship.

What a joke. I deleted that post a month or so ago, mainly because what I wrote was immature. I still agree with what I wrote, then, about not wanting/needing a checklist of things to look for (income [ ], ring size [ ], hair color [ ], height [ ], family [ ], religion [ ], car [ ]). I think planning your perfect guy will only guarantee you’ll never find one.

What I do disagree with is not being smart about relationships. The important thing is to learn from experiences to find out what you want and deserve.

I want someone who thinks I’m sexy and beautiful.
I want someone who would be into doing random/spontaneous things with me.
I want to be the only person they are with. At least at the time.
I want someone who makes me feel comfortable with who I am.
I want to be friends with their friends. I don’t need to hang out all the time, but I’d like to know them. I’d like to be more than a name.
I want someone I can trust, and who trusts me.
I want someone who has passions and interests and can teach me about them.
I want someone who doesn’t make me question myself or my own worth.
I want someone who is okay with my quirks.
I want someone who is tolerant–not a homophobic, racist, sexist pig.
I want someone who forgives me.
I want to be in a relationship that isn’t needy. Space is good.
I want someone who understands that I like to be helpful.
I want to enjoy sex. A lot.
I want someone who is honest.

I’ve only had two ‘real’ relationships (if you don’t mind my using such a relative term), so this is by no means an exhaustive list. Nor should it be considered a list of demands. They are simply traits I’ve found desirous.¬†Some I would waiver on (fine, if you really hate Harry Potter, I won’t bring it up around you), but some of them took a long time to learn, and I’m perfectly content sticking to my guns.

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