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blahblah work sucks blahblah

I got some shitty news. The job I’d been doing for the last year (which I recently left) is now  hiring at, let’s say, D level. I was working at B level. That means the new job posting is two levels higher than the job title I had while working there.

Now you might be thinking: What a missed opportunity! What a bummer that you can’t get that experience! If only you’d known.

No, no, my friends. That job posting is the exact same job I’d been doing for the last year. Just with better money and title. So, basically, I did the work of one editor, with the respect and payment of an entirely lower editor (who, we remember, worked by herself for three months of the period) only to get “promoted” to a c level editor a different title. They realized it and decided if they were going to hire the job they better rectify the situation. Hindsight is always 20/20.

I hate this system. This lifestyle where you can work hard, work more than others around you, yet work only to be unappreciated and overlooked.

Thank god I have Justin to complain to in situations like this: “Stay strong. Eventually capitalism will collpase in on itself like a dying star and we will seize the means of production. Until then just don’t go insane.”


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Work It

Dear printer four floors down from my cube-

My ass, thighs & calves thank you.


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A Year

I can’t believe I missed my own birthday/anniversary! Today as I sat at the sorority house while some of my sisters were getting ready to go out, I realized that I had started blogging this time last year.


I’d say a lot has happened in that  year. I graduated. I got a part-time job, more gigs in the mag world, and into grad school. I learned to cook more things than just cheese tortillas (boiling water for pasta was a big step). I became addicted to Netflix. I had a random guy ask me for my number for the first time. I visited Boston. I saw some amazing concerts and signed my first apartment lease. I did some things I had always wanted, and definitely discovered some new things about myself.

I wasn’t ready for a lot of it. I’m not as ‘disheveled’ as I was in my first post– although I’m still quite uncertain. But it’s cool. I like where I’m at, who I’m with, and where I’m going. And there are a lot more unexpected things to come.


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Life After College

This never would have been a Saturday night in college. Where’s my life gone?

I also do other cool things like go to bed early (when I’m not working too much), spend copious amounts of time alone, go to movies by myself, talk to my neglected pet fish, and attempt to plan my meals for the week.

Never graduate if you can help it.

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Shot to the Heart

…And I’m too late.

I’m so not ready for this that I’m actually crying. Like, I’m going to wake up tomorrow with a red face, puffy eyes, and a headache like a hangover. [Oh, hello eligible men who read my blog. Don’t you want to wake up to that some day?]

It started with frustration, turned to bewilderment, then sadness and now anger and despair: DMACC did not send my transcripts.

I don’t get it. December 15th I received my personal copy of the transcript. The transcript I requested in the exact same packet where I requested every graduate school transcript. But after checking a few application/admission statuses, the required DMACC transcript is the only thing missing. Applications to graduate school must meet all requirements.

Brown, Texas Tech, Emerson and Florida State deadlines have passed. Syracuse and Washington State are due by the end of the week. Logic tells us that’s six (out of ten) incomplete submissions.

Incomplete submissions >> Ineligible for admission.
Ineligible for admission >> Waste of money ($936 so far).
Ineligible for admission >> Waste of time (half of 2009).
Ineligible for admission >> No future.
No future >> Mall employee for life.
Mall employee for life >> SWF. Likes cats.

Joking aside, I’m very distraught at the thought of my top schools being knocked off my list because I am an overachiever and started French early.

Please, please let this just be an annoying ‘Monday’ thing.


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Fast Friends

I just watched the move I Love You, Man. I, in fact, love Paul Rudd, so I enjoyed the movie. But however ridiculous it was, the movie had a point. It seems that after college, making friends is awkward.

I feel like co-workers are the place to start turning acquaintances into friendships. But, uh, not having a real job and all kind of makes that impossible for me. Sure, I would definitely consider my freelance boss a friend. She’s only a couple years older than me, and she’s totally awesome. I actually kind of forget that she’s my boss.

But it’s work-in and work-out at The Barn. Everyone there already has an established life with children, friends, and real jobs. Even though I genuinely like a lot of the people, I wasn’t expecting to get anything from that place.

So I wasn’t ready when I did. I once saw Monique out at the bar (awesome). I grabbed a beer with Lloyd one night after work. Today I had a great time at dinner with Carey. I realize these are isolated instances, but I know it won’t stay that way.

It’s a nice reminder that people make life enjoyable. And friends are wonderful to have, wherever you are.

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The Wait Is Over

Not like I was really holding my breath, but I’ve been wondering how my Subject GRE for Literature in English turned out. Kind of obsessively checking the mailbox since Saturday, when I realized the scores had been “sent” to Drake.

Score: 530
% Below: 44
Correct: 124, Incorrect: 53, Unanswered: 53
Formula Score: 111

I’ll be honest, I don’t know what any of that actually means. It’s not good, though. Scores range from 200-990. Most schools I was interested in want a 600. The average score is 541.

I feel very mediocre. Below average. Unimpressive. Just another kid avoiding the real world through advanced education.

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