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Please, no.

Roadtrips? Cool. Spontaneous random acts of driving? Even cooler.

A 6 am-9:30 pm drive from Kansas City to Lubbock? With your parents? A limited music supply? And no sleep the night before?

Hell on Earth.

Just thinking about doing it again on Wednesday makes me sick.


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Unrepentant Inclinations

“My guilty pleasures have been outweighing my good health.” – Robin Thicke

Inspired by this lyric from the incredibly sexy album Sex Therapy: The Session, I’ve pondered my own delinquent delights. In no particular order…

1. Falling asleep while reading.
Virtue: Waking up refreshed. Vice: Not reading.
2. Texting
Virtue: Good texting. Vice: Bad texting.
3. Spontaneous Car Rides and/or Road Trips
Virtue: Cheap pizza at 3 am. Vice: Gas money.
4. Processing at PB
Virtue: Visible progress. Vice: Impossible to accomplish.
5. Quick Trip (QT)
Virtue: Endless drink dispensers. Vice: It’s a gas station.
6. Sex
Virtue: Everything. Vice: Everything.
7. Netflix

Virtue: On my computer. Vice: Will watch at any hour of the day.
8. Playstation 2
Virtue: Single player entertainment. Vice: Back pain.
9. Baking/Cooking Magazines/Books
Virtue: Recipes. Vice: Recipes I can’t make.
10. Writing Utensils
Virtue: Useful. Vice: Always have too many.
11. Donuts and Processed Cheese
Virtue: Delicious. Vice: Socially unacceptable to like them as much as I do.

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Get It

This time tomorrow I will finishing my road trip to Minnesota to see a production of The Full Monty.

But there’s still a lot that’s got to happen before that. Number one being shaking off the sleepiness in my hands. Last night  I sliced myself nine times with a box-cutter and pulled down a really heavy bark-wrapped mirror from stock–which only landed safely on the ground because I used my body as a landing pad. The latter is what I think did my hand in. My good old right hand, which I will be using non-stop  for three hours tomorrow morning, is a bit on the slow side. The nice padded part on my palm, under my thumb, is swollen and sore. I feel like I have arthritis. Even typing is hard. I don’t know anything about injuries, so I’ve just been icing the bugger off and on while I scan Sparknotes.

Sparknotes is another thing that has to get done by tomorrow… preferably in the next hour. I recently realized part of my problem memorizing characters and authors is that I have no plot to connect them together. Ergo (“therefore!” for any Burchard students out there) I started my day with Sparknotes plot summaries. Why, oh why, didn’t I think of this sooner? Well, probably because I’ve been too busy blowing off studying for better options like sleep or the movie Heavy Metal. But still, maybe Sparknotes can be my saving grace.

I also need to successfully navigate to Ames, our hotel, Carver Hall, and Whitney’s apartment before I can dream of seeing the show. I’m crossing my fingers that, although I am directionally challenged, Sarah will keep me sane.

Finally, there is that little matter of the GRE subject test on Literature in English. Yesterday morning I entered the state of panic and it proceeded through the wee hours of the night. Now, I’m nervous, scared, and just plain tired. I could have done more, but I didn’t. So what? If I’m worth anything at all, I’ll get into school without this test.

While I’m not ready for the test, I’m SO ready for all this crap to be over with. And tomorrow, sometime after noon, it will be. I’ll take that.

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The Last Word

Six hours on the interstate over the weekend left me a lot of GRE-free time to myself. (Sandy, by the way, turned 100,000 miles on my trip. She’s so grown up!) First of all, just let me say that I love singing in the car. I have a horrendous voice, and boy do I know it, but  who is it hurting when I’m alone and trying to stay awake? And I’m wild about the way my car has tremors from the bass at the end of Dr. Horrible’s “Brand New Day.”  I digress. More importantly, I had ample time to devote to considering the things that I’ve been thinking about lately. Sounds a bit redundant, this thinking about thinking, but it was worth it.

Everyone wants the last word, don’t you think? I mean, of course when you are fighting with someone about something, you naturally want the last word. I am right, you are wrong. When you flip for sides in debate, teams often chose second speaker versus choosing the side they’d rather argue. Even the second speaker in set debates is the more knowledgeable and more persuasive speaker (I was first speaker if that tells you anything about me. Thanks, Ramya, for keeping us in the round). But even in non-argumentative situations, having the last word is coveted. Although, I can’t think of any situations at the moment…

It seems that I really have a thing for last words, particularly when it involves my feelings. Which, I understand, seeing as they are my feelings and all. Yet I’ve come to the conclusion that making sure people know how I feel isn’t always necessary. What I’m not saying is that feelings don’t matter. But maybe there is a point where you just let it go? Sometimes you just aren’t exactly ready to let that person forget, or let yourself forget. But after a while it just seems selfish, especially because I can’t think of any occasion where I’ve devoted lots of time to telling someone how happy they made me feel. So I’m going to take a big step and stop it now. That whole talking-yourself-in-circles thing sucks, and I’m going to try my damnedest to keep mum when unprovoked.

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