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Q is back!

After the shitstorm known as Daniel Craig ruined my favorite parts of JamesBondom (the shaken-not-stirred martinis, the gadgets, the reckless sex, and the other little bits that defined the franchise), I didn’t think it would happen. But it did, and now, ladies and gents…

Q is back! 

Ben Whishaw playing a much younger rendition of Q

Entertainment Weekly announces here (with excellent photography to pinpoint the evolution of Q) that the beloved long-time character of Q is returning in a fresh new fashion. Although he’s lost the cravat since last I saw him on the big screen, Ben Whishaw is certainly not going to be lacking his poetic way with words. A new Skyfall trailer released at San Diego Comic Con (only my absolute Mecca) has Q telling Bond that he could “kill more people with his computer, while wearing pajamas at home, than Bond can do in a year.”

Yeehaw, kiddos!

Also notable: Villainous Javier Bardem still remains unseen for the most part. MI6 lost a flash drive with, like, the identities of all the secret agents (wasn’t that an episode of Spooks?). And there are rumors of M’s death. Losing Judi Dench is acceptable–losing the character of M is not. Don’t make me regret my current praise, Barb.

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