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Hot Man Reading Things

It’s Sir Sean Connery’s 85th Birthday today!

As I speed toward library school starting in a hot second (next week), I think these images of the man, the myth, the legend–in various stances and states of undress and usage of reading materials–is just the right way to celebrate.

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What if the world ends?

When you didn’t hear from me after my last post, you probably thought me and a rough-and-rotten labor-camp spawn had let our souls fly, right? [“We Both Go Down Together?” I should have made reference to that song before the trip.]

Well, that would have been romantic. But no, I just literally had the most overworked month of my life. Between developing major spider veins and a new caffeine addiction at the Barn, glueing myself to my desk at the day job, and occasionally having a social life (not even lying), I have had time for absolutely nothing. Sitting down to write the blog never happened. And that’s sad, because the post-trip bliss was pretty surreal, and I don’t feel like I really got to properly share that with anyone. I would have shared it with you, NERers. Only you.

Now we’re in this predicament. I want to write the musical recap of 2012 that I’ve been drafting in my head while driving to work. I still need to tell you about the all-British hottie lineup on my TV this year. Then there’s the trip, of course, and crossing some more stuff off the 26 List. And posting in-depth about SKYFALL and how it rocked my world.

But, you see, the world is ending next week.

And that clearly means there isn’t enough time to do it all, because I’m still working like a maniac. (Which, I should just walk off the job, because why waste my last 7 days not eating, drinking, sexing and Netflixing my way to oblivion?)
In lieu of it all, I’ll give you, vast interwebs, this honest and unbiased suggestion:

If you only have one week left, and you’ve never seen a Bond movie in your life,
pick Goldfinger. 



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December 13, 2012 · 9:52 am

A Bond for the People

This 23rd film premiere coinciding (not accidentally, we are all certain) with the anniversary of the release of Dr. No and 50 years of Bond glory, is really bringing Bond to the masses.

1. Royal Approval 

Like the Queen’s Bond tribute wasn’t enough during the Olympics, the biggest news in this arena is the announcement that Prince Charles and Camilla will be attending the October 23rd Skyfall premiere–and the screening will (fittingly) benefit Charles’ chosen charities: those that support members of the three intelligence agencies – the Secret Intelligence Service (MI6), the Security Service (MI5) and GCHQ. How cool is that? Seriously. A franchise that has been glorifying an undoubtedly hard, tragic, and far less glamorous lifestyle for 50 years is going to give back–yes, just a tiny amount–to the families and people who have served.

2. Global Holiday

I told you about Global James Bond Day. Everyone in the world will celebrate the birth of the film franchise and what it’s done for cinema. And this isn’t just some namesake event: “Worldwide events celebrating Bond’s golden anniversary include a global online and live charity auction event organised by Christie’s in London, a global survey to discover the favourite Bond film country by country, a film retrospective at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York, a Music of Bond night in Los Angeles hosted by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and Designing 007: 50 Years of James Bond Style opens at TIFF in Toronto.” Hell yes.

3. A View to a Thrill 

Part of a yearlong celebration of Bond, the National Motor Museum in Beaulieu (England)  has a special exhibit open to the public: Bond in Motion, which features 50 different vehicles from Bond films. Staring at that 1937 Rolls-Royce Phantom III three feet in front of you brings Auric Goldfinger that much closer to everyday Bond fans.

4. Favorites from the Fans 

The interwebs are letting Bond-obsessed fans, like me, have our say, too. Which is not only fun, but also pretty great, since we seem to think we know everything and have the best opinions. In conjunction with its Facbeook page (James Bond 007), 007.com is letting fans vote for the Best Bond Movie Ever. Visiting the tab on their page will display 22 film posters that link to video clips and info for each film (a great way to recap if you aren’t trying to watch all the films before the Nov 9 US premier, like me) and let you select which film you think is the best of Bond. They are also posting “Fans Favourite Bond Moments: Between now and the release of SKYFALL we’ll be posting one of your favourite Bond moments every day, with commentary from you, Bond’s biggest fans.” A while back they asked us followers of James Bond 007 to tell them our favorite movie moment. Now, each day they release a clip and commentary from some of the people who wrote in about it. What fun! I’d certainly love to see my favorite clip up there–I suggested Q’s last briefing in The World is Not Enough.

5. Major Media

Because the 50th is garnering such attention, we’ve also seen major American media outlets pickup on the history and premiere. Sure, Bond’s style frequently makes it into men’s magazines, but I don’t think I’ve seen this much heat on the full franchise in quite some time. If you want to know the history behind Bond–and I mean, a whole lot of history, from the life of Fleming, Saltzman, and Broccoli to the upbringing of Connery–check out “The Birth of Bond” by David Kamp in Vanity Fair. It’s incredibly interesting and filled with a lot of fun facts–Roger Moore was supposed to be the first Bond! Fleming didn’t like Connery! There are also connections drawn between Bond and Scooby-Doo and Don Draper, but you’ll just have to read to find out how. Vanity Fair has also recently released staff picks for the best of Bond and a slideshow of images from the franchise–many of which show behind-the-scenes takes with the people not on screen, like Young, Saltzman, and Broccoli. You can also pick up the LIFE special edition (I snagged it yesterday) which has a photo of Connery and Fleming that I just adore.

6. Going Mainstream 

Finally, in one week, all 22 films will be released on blu-ray. Now, I bought the last big box release in college–pre-Craig–so I don’t think I’ll be jumping all over this. But anyone with a blu-ray player (again, not me) should be eating this up. I hope many moms and dads will pass on the “Oh, James!” love to their kids the way my dad did with me.

Although I don’t actually recall what the hype was like with Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace (sorry, I was in college, and excessive sorority life may have dimmed my memories–except the one where I wanted to give up Bond forever at the midnight showing of QoS), I do think that it was nothing compared to this. I am glad, for one, because I think QoS almost ruined Bond–I still don’t own the movie–but also because I hear that some folks gave up after The World is Not Enough (fucking Denise Richards),  and that there are some, God forbid, who don’t know anything about what came before GoldenEye. Let them eat cake, or drink vodka martinis, and get educated!

I guess here would be a good place to tell you that this really is a Bond for the people–even the poor, common American like myself. Not only will I be dressing like leading ladies to celebrate, and sending James Bond postcards for GJBD,  in late October I will be traveling to London. My tickets are already booked for Bond in Motion, and I have more than one free afternoon available to see Skyfall in theaters. I’ll be arriving home just in time for the midnight US premiere, which I wouldn’t miss for the world–jet lag be damned.

After all, you only live twice.

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The Greatest Sir of Them All

Today is Sir Sean Connery’s 80th birthday.

April 1966

It is a great day for all the world. Without Sir Sean, who would have been the first James Bond? The father of Indiana Jones? The rough-around-the-edges mentor in Finding Forrester? The sexy Scotsman. The stylish stud.

July 1989

This is a holiday. So raise your glass and make a toast to this cinema godsend.

October 2007

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Can I, just for a moment, tell you how much I love the desktop on my computer?

I hadn’t changed the background since I first got the computer. But this is just so wonderful. I can’t stop looking at it.

I promise my next post will be about life in Texas. Promise.

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Best of Bond: Actors and Films


1. Sean Connery
2. Pierce Brosnan
3. Roger Moore
4. Timothy Dalton
5. George Lazenby
6. Daniel Craig

Connery as Bond in "From Russia With Love"

Sean and Pierce are both sexy. They exhibit the perfect balance between physical badass and charming yet sly sophisticate. Roger is no physical beast, but still the heartbreaker (in the films. Personally I do not find him attractive). And he delivers puns and innuendos in a distinct way. Timmy is neither sexy nor badass, but he plays the charmer well enough. I hate Daniel, and George is so-so. At least George plays a character-steady Bond. Daniel’s Bond sucks. Why? He doesn’t sleep with every female, he gets attached, he drinks martinis that are stirred, he fights too much and isn’t suave enough, his head is too small for his shoulders, and he doesn’t respect M. Plus his movies do not include Q or MoneyPenny.


1. You Only Live Twice (1967, Connery)
2. Diamonds Are Forever (1971, Connery)
3. Goldfinger (1964, Connery)
4. Die Another Day (2002, Brosnan)
5. Licence To Kill (1989, Dalton)
6. Octopussy (1983, Moore)

"You Only Live Twice" 1967

YOLT is actually kind of terrible. It’s racist, jumpy, and the graphics are so bad. But I love it for those reasons, too, along with: Little Nelly, Q, James’ death opener, Blofeld and his strangely unattractive minions, man-eating piranhas, Bond’s accomplices, and a theme song later riffed by Robbie Williams in 1999.

DAF is set in Vegas and includes a hotel tub that doubles as an aquarium, Tiffany Case, a theme song retouched by Kayne, two awkward as hell gay bad guys, a girl named Plenty O’Toole, and the line “That’s quite a nice little nothing you’re almost wearing.” The opening with the theme song is the epitome of Bond openings: nudity and a relevant song.

G is classic Bond. It has many sexy women, female pilots who are later parodied as Femmebots in Austin Powers, a great song that’s rather annoying but actually fits the film, one of the most well-known Bond Girls (Pussy Galore), and of course, Oddjob.

DAD was the first new Bond I saw when I really started getting into it. The opening scene is captivating, the topic is timely, and it has Halle Berry, a fabulous car, an ice palace, and quintessential Bond ending with innuendos and sex.

LTK just recently climbed my top six mainly due to an abundance of Q, cocaine, Wayne Newton, an awesome drug ring cover story, sexy Lupe, and a rogue Bond who infiltrates the bad guys.

O oozes with badass women, which basically sums up what I love about it (admittedly, less about Bond than my feelings for other movies). Add to that Russian conspiracy, exotic India, a circus, and jewel smuggling.

Worst Bond Films: Quantum of Solace (2008) and Never Say Never Again (1983). They actively discredit the Bond franchise.


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Babies and Backaches

I’ve been MIA in posting for a while. Most of it is the baby names job that is sucking away my life, and good posture. I spend so much time sitting on my ass researching baby names that I am pretty sure my back is going to go. (Although I am now dying to name a boy James Aston or Sean Aston. Bond and Bond Car.) I received a massage gift and I’ll probably  use it on July 15. A desk would be nice in the meantime. ::sigh::

I also haven’t been posting because our stolen internet is on mega fritz. And because, well, I haven’t had much to go on with this thread of “ready or not.” At least, what I have been experiencing in the world of “not ready” isn’t something that should be posted on the web. Which says a lot considering I’m not one to censor my self (or others). But hey, sometimes things gotta stay private.

However, I have seven minutes until I need to kick the power to this laptop and head out of town. I’m spending the Fourth with the fam, of course. My cousin may or may not be moving out of the country, so it’s pretty important to me to see her. I stopped to find internet solely to update my Facebook countdown, er, count-up, to the John Legend concert. I’m stoked and celebrating by posting lyrics daily. Since I’ll be web-free for a couple days, I had to get it taken care of pre-trip. Don’t worry, I’ll be posting the lyrics, and why I chose them, when it’s closer to the concert.

Times up. Hit the road, Jack.

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