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Five Sexiest Men on My TV: 2015

Being unemployed for four months before starting grad school, I had a lot of free time for finding sexy men on TV shows. But one show swept this year, and I think it was a combination of me wanting to be the women and the men being so awesome. This year’s runners up include Freddie Lyon from The Hour (fantastic show), Evan the Botanist from My Boys, and Mike Faber from Homeland. Honestly, I think we should take a moment to just be grateful the whole list, and runners up, aren’t all from GG, because they sure could be.

#5 Jim Gordon Gotham


I just started watching this show, I can’t figure him out. I’m intrigued.

#4 Luke Danes Gilmore Girls


This photo sums it up. #curmudgeon

#3 Christopher Hayden Gimore Girls


He was always so unattainable, and I loved that about him. That and all his devilmaycare.

#2 Mike Ross Suits


I think I mostly like his taste in girlfriends (AKA I WANT TO BE HER) but damn if he’s not fun.

#1 Logan Huntzberger Gilmore Girls


He’s perfect. The intelligent, quick witted, adventurous, doting, caring, completely rebellious bad boy–with a lot of money.

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Five Sexiest Men on My TV: 2013

This year was one for the romantics. And the nerds. And the badboys.

#5 Jesse Pinkman Breaking Bad


I really didn’t like this guy the first few seasons, but he’s got that whole scruffy bad boy with a good heart thing.

#4 Arthur Pendragon Merlin


He really grew up in this last season, and his teeth are fixed, and he wears chainmail. Rawr.

#3 Spencer Reid Criminal Minds


Extremely intelligent snappy dressing nerd. Need I say more?

#2 Nick Miller New Girl


Total goof wearing plaid, mild to no ambitions, and a heart of gold.

#1 Neal Caffrey White Collar

Screen shot 2013-10-08 at 11.10.36 PM

I mean, mother of god. He looks this good near-naked and even better in a suit. He’s the ultimate romantic and a total rulebreaker. Swoon.


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Five Sexiest Men on My TV: 2012

Holy shit! I got so I-can’t-sleep-so-I’ll-just-admit-that-I-hate-being-perpetually-single-especially-with-three-weddings-looming that I almost entirely forgot to get my men into this year. And this year was definitely one for the Brits.

#5 TIE: Tom Quinn, Dimitri Levendis MI-5

Good enough guys as characters, but I hardly remember much about them except they’re both so damn hot.

#4 Shawn Spencer Psych


I just adore Shawn. He’s cute enough, he’s goofy, he’s loyal, he’s a smart ass, and his friendship with Gus is adorable.

#3 Lancelot Merlin

Screen shot 2012-11-23 at 7.41.37 PM

Oh. My. God. Look at that man. He’s FINE. Plus, a stellar fucking guy. Loyal friend to all. Excellent swordsman.

#2 Adam Carter MI-5


A good guy. A family guy. A tough guy. A rules-breaking guy. A make-you-want-adopt-nudist-colony-ideals guy.

#1 Lucas North MI-5


When don’t I find Richard Armitage sexy? Certainly not when he’s a spy with tattoos, a tortured soul (and body) and a broken heart.


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Five Sexiest Women on TV

Who am I to be sexist? Ladies can think ladies are fine, even if I don’t want to get in bed with one of them. So that’s that. I present to you, my first annual Five Sexiest Women on TV.

#5. Carrie Bradshaw Sex and the City

Carrie Bradshaw


Maybe it’s because she ages well. Maybe it’s the guys. Or the closet. Maybe it’s just because she’s a writer. And I’m a writer. And I want a happy ending, too.

#4. Joan Halloway Mad Men

Joan Halloway/Harris


Because you can’t look at her without being blown away. Try it. I dare you.

#3. Camille Soroyan Bones

Dr. Camille Soroyan


Camille is smart, fun, and a very sharp dresser. For realz, this woman always looks hot. Plus she’s sexy. And she’s the woman in charge.

#2. Karen Californication



Part of Karen’s appeal is Hank. He undeniably loves her. Don’t we all want that? But she’s also a foxy lady with this cool factor I can’t fathom possessing.

#1. Angela Montenegro Bones

Angela Montenegro


No questions, Angela is the sexiest woman on my TV (or computer screen, rather). She’s absolutely beautiful, funny, carefree and seriously smart. Her sexual escapades are fabulous (especially with Jack Hodgins) and everyone on the show seems to be attracted to her. Me. too.

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Sexiest men on my iPod

Come Wednesday, I have a long drive ahead of me. That means I have to seriously consider the tunes I’ll be rocking. In an effort to get in the right mindset for mix-making, here are the ten sexiest men on my iPod.

1. Stephan Jenkins Third Eye Blind
He aged fantastically and his voice is orgasmic.

2. Rob Thomas Matchbox Twenty
He’s so good live. His wife is hot. So is he.

3. Usher
He does stuff with that body I can’t even put in words.

4. Frank Sinatra

The ultimate crooner, yet total bad boy.

5. Justin Timberlake
I’ve got you–from NSYNC to FutureSex/LoveSounds.

6. John Legend
I think my multitudinous professions of love speak for themselves.

7. Taye Diggs
Oh heeeeey.

8. Rivers Cuomo Weezer
I {heart} nerds.

9. Neil Patrick Harris
That’s hot. And my iPod would be a sad place without Dr. Horrible.

10. Prince Phillip
Who can say no? He hasn’t aged a bit since 1959.

There’s nothing quite like the combination of a hot man and good music. Well, maybe a hot man, and good music sung by a hot man. There’s the winner.

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Hot Vids

I feel like I’m directing you to a porn website with the title of this post. And I almost am, but this has less money shots and more foreplay.
::distant female hurrahs::

You might remember a previous post complaining about the absolute un-sexiness that is Robin Thicke’s Sex Therapy video, while trumpeting the likes of Usher’s Hey Daddy and Trading Places.

Well, do I have news for you. Robin’s managed to pull himself out of the creepy videoland with It’s In The Morning featuring Snoop. Maybe it’s the content, maybe it’s the kitchen table, and maybe it’s the line “Let me put some cream in your coffee.” Whatever it is, I give two enthusiastic thumbs up to this video.

Also, to vindicate the awfulness that is his Sex Therapy video, I found this flash mob video. Nice.

Sadly, after how much I praised Usher, he went and thoroughly disappointed me. There Goes My Baby and Lil Freak are godawful. The first just isn’t what I hoped for, and the second is downright disturbing. I feel bad for the girl in the video. It’s a damn shame, the songs are super sexual.

But let’s end on a good note:

I would like to give my heartfelt consent to Ciara’s Ride and Trey Songz’s Neighbors Know My Name. Ciara rocks it because the lyrics are direct, the music has rhythm, and the way she moves that body I can’t doubt that they love the way she rides. And that girl can dance. Trey’s video is just hot. Big surprise, coming from the man who sings I Invented Sex.

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Five Sexiest Men on TV

I can’t sleep. Please allow me to indulge.

#5. Derek Shepherd Grey’s Anatomy

Don’t hate. A) I haven’t seen the show since the third season. B) I don’t watch a lot of TV. C) I couldn’t do the four sexiest men. D) I kind of have a thing for old men. Annoying as he may be, Derek has one very alluring penchant: patience.

#4. Don Draper Mad Men

Adultery aside, the man has the job, the facial structure, and the voice–if I may speak superficially. And he looks damn good in a suit.

#3. Fisher GREEK

He’s the non-Greek guy on GREEK (not to be confused with Dale). Sweet, persistent and hot, his tantalizing trait is a somewhat hidden nerdy side.

#2. Cappie GREEK

Sexy, obnoxious, secretly smart, caring, spontaneous, charismatic, attractive and funny… the list could go on for days. Cappie is my ultimate frat boy.

#1. Hank Moody Californication

Just look at him there, without his pants. Seductive, no? He writes, he fucks, he drinks, he fucks up, and he loves. He’s fiercely loyal, heart-meltingly still into his baby-mommy, and always trying to be a better dad. And, from what I gather, fabulous in the sack.


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