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Still, possibly, the sexiest video ever. Damn girl. Those moves. Get it.

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Five Sexiest Men on My TV: 2015

Being unemployed for four months before starting grad school, I had a lot of free time for finding sexy men on TV shows. But one show swept this year, and I think it was a combination of me wanting to be the women and the men being so awesome. This year’s runners up include Freddie Lyon from The Hour (fantastic show), Evan the Botanist from My Boys, and Mike Faber from Homeland. Honestly, I think we should take a moment to just be grateful the whole list, and runners up, aren’t all from GG, because they sure could be.

#5 Jim Gordon Gotham


I just started watching this show, I can’t figure him out. I’m intrigued.

#4 Luke Danes Gilmore Girls


This photo sums it up. #curmudgeon

#3 Christopher Hayden Gimore Girls


He was always so unattainable, and I loved that about him. That and all his devilmaycare.

#2 Mike Ross Suits


I think I mostly like his taste in girlfriends (AKA I WANT TO BE HER) but damn if he’s not fun.

#1 Logan Huntzberger Gilmore Girls


He’s perfect. The intelligent, quick witted, adventurous, doting, caring, completely rebellious bad boy–with a lot of money.

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Hot Man Reading Things

It’s Sir Sean Connery’s 85th Birthday today!

As I speed toward library school starting in a hot second (next week), I think these images of the man, the myth, the legend–in various stances and states of undress and usage of reading materials–is just the right way to celebrate.

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I’ve been waiting a year for this

I hate February. I tell you this every year. I have a lot of reasons.

Now that the obligatory I-really-fucking-hate-February statement is out of the way (no different this year, I promise you), I can move on to my new favorite thing about February (after the deliciously unhealthy Super Bowl): Dirty and Nerdy V-Day cards. A little something for everyone. I love mail, and holidays, and reasons to send mail, like fake holidays, but this holiday is one I won’t send mail for. If I did, though, you’d get something like this.

In a world where I send Valentines Part II
(see the first version here)

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fd81242abf9d950737b5a91f4ae3fb94(don’t lie, you totally read that last one in his voice. and it was awesome)

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Surprisingly Sexy

I love it when songs have a little unforeseen kink to them. There’s something about the subtly that puts a smirk on your face and gets you thinking about the dirty things–but doesn’t practically require you rub one out before continuing your day.::coughAvantcough::

Robin Thicke’s Something Else album is all sweet and cuddly in comparison to Sex Therapy, but there’s one song that has an especially kinky culprit amidst the sugary sweetness: “You wanna touch yourself when you see me.” There’s also this Norwegian wood reference that I giggle at more than anything.


Jordan Knight’s “Give It To You” is entirely about sex, but there’s something about the pop-carnival sound from the New Kid on the Block who starts with the man-in-your-dreams cliche, but manages to keep “show me where and I’ll taste you there” lost in the refrain.


Raphael Saadiq doesn’t just surprise you–he blows your mind. The song is titled “Let’s Take A Walk” and the song starts: “This place is crowded. Don’t know about you. I need some sex. Some sex with you.” I know you have to follow the link, but you should really watch this: the music+video is strangely reminiscent of the bowling porn Gutterballs in The Big Lebowski.


Know any other jams that fit the unexpectedly explicit MO?

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Let’s Get Ludicrous

How many resolutions can you make from these lyrics and video? I’m thinking this would be one hell of a year. Or weekend.

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The Greatest

Well, I know Drake already knows he’s the Greatest. But, damn. I’ll stroke that ego some more. This song is perfect for all the things I’m not doing with my life.
Like sleeping. And foreplay.

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