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I am spending my first Christmas alone. Who can be ready for that? No one, really, even if they are expecting it. I found out pretty early on that going home wasn’t terribly likely. Snowmaggedon was upon us again.

But Christmas alone, just isn’t Christmas. I went to Christmas Eve Mass instead of having it said in my living room. I had frozen food for lunch and dinner. I saw Sherlock Holmes. Alone. (Great movie, though. And I definitely think there will be enough interest for them to produce the sequel that they’ve already admitted wanting to make.) I completed my application to Washington State University. I talked to my parents. I watched the best James Bond movie ever.

Yep, pretty much feels like a normal day.

Except I don’t always get told I’m on the naughty list.


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Bleeping Blizzards Batman!

Well, it’s official. The first blizzard of the year. Snow first fell on Sunday and then we got a bit of a break, but it picked up Monday night. Yesterday I went to work at 7 am and  it was bad. When I got off my second shift at 6 pm, it was ‘treacherous’ according to radio weather reports. Schools got out early yesterday, cancelled today (colleges included). The mall closed at 5 last night and didn’t open until noon today. Yowsa. The mall didn’t even close when the interstates were closed last winter.

Despite trying to get my car out at 8:30 last night (dreadfully unsuccessful–parked on a patch of ice), I’ve been stuck in my lonely and cold apartment. I have shoddy Internet, no one to talk to, and I’m here without anything to bake with. Ahh! It’s torture, I tell you. I made six blueberry muffins from a pouch, and a very salty stovetop Julienne potato dish. Ick, I’d rather be making peanut butter cookies or red velvet cupcakes or espresso brownies or… Ugh. I’m going to buy a bunch of ingredients the minute I can get out of this place. Toss in a bottle of wine, I’ll be set. No more not being ready for this snowed-in stuff. It was way more fun in college.

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