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not to want me. not back. not in a she’s-so-heavy kind of way. I want you like Common needs your warm, and S.J. wants you to send him all your vampires.
I want you to make a mashup.

I listen to my iPhone on random in the car. I don’t select albums, and I don’t have playlists, I just shuffle through the tunage as my mood sees fit. But, I got bored after a lot of driving last month, and decided alphabetical-song-title order would really spice things up.

Dude. It totally fucking did. 

“I Want You” from Common’s Finding Forever played. And “I Want You” from Third Eye Blind’s self-titled  CD played right after. It was the most magical combination of music to happen in the last few months. Maybe all year. It’s so good, in fact, that it’s hard to go beyond Etta’s “I’d Rather Go Blind” without backpedaling. So good that I’ve listened to only those two songs on the morning commute all week.

The love that I wrote on the mirror, it got smeared.


No apology because my urge is genuine.


Who has mixing skills? Let’s make music babies.

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Why can’t you be

… like my Waterpik shower massager: A sweet reliable machine.
… like an art house foreign movie: Frank and sexy, red balloons and ennui.
… someone looking deeper into me, like J.D. Salinger.
… the part of me that’s missing.

I like this song. I think Third Eye Blind brilliantly relays message through metaphor. And that last line there? Fuckin’ preach. It’s like, I want this to work, but it’s not. I like you, why can’t this just be right? But it’s not. They conveyed a whole lot in 10 words and a handful of musical notes.


They also have this line that I’m never ready to hear. It just happens.

Sometimes a blowjob’s not enough.Why can’t you play a little less rough.

Go ahead. Listen to the song. It’s all sweet and nice and innuendo. Then KAPOW. Blowjob.

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Sexiest men on my iPod

Come Wednesday, I have a long drive ahead of me. That means I have to seriously consider the tunes I’ll be rocking. In an effort to get in the right mindset for mix-making, here are the ten sexiest men on my iPod.

1. Stephan Jenkins Third Eye Blind
He aged fantastically and his voice is orgasmic.

2. Rob Thomas Matchbox Twenty
He’s so good live. His wife is hot. So is he.

3. Usher
He does stuff with that body I can’t even put in words.

4. Frank Sinatra

The ultimate crooner, yet total bad boy.

5. Justin Timberlake
I’ve got you–from NSYNC to FutureSex/LoveSounds.

6. John Legend
I think my multitudinous professions of love speak for themselves.

7. Taye Diggs
Oh heeeeey.

8. Rivers Cuomo Weezer
I {heart} nerds.

9. Neil Patrick Harris
That’s hot. And my iPod would be a sad place without Dr. Horrible.

10. Prince Phillip
Who can say no? He hasn’t aged a bit since 1959.

There’s nothing quite like the combination of a hot man and good music. Well, maybe a hot man, and good music sung by a hot man. There’s the winner.

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Exceptional End

I bitch about Mondays. A lot. But I’m happy to say that I actually enjoyed this final Monday of 2009.

  • I slept in.
  • I’m more motivated than ever for graduate school.
  • I found a potential scholarship for graduate school (woo!).
  • I got my favorite coffee (White Caramel Truffle) from my favorite coffee shop (Grounds for Celebration).
  • I discovered a fabulously written song (‘Why Can’t You Be’ by 3eb) .
  • I found out my parents are coming to Des Moines tomorrow.
  • I bought a red fedora-like hat.
  • A very nice man offered to take my shopping cart from the parking lot.
  • The Drake post office was fast and the man in the USPS cardigan was very nice and helpful about sending packages to Australia.
  • I’m appreciative about my friends and relationships.
  • It is no longer holiday season at the mall.

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My Ears Are Ringing

So (pleasantly) not ready for tonight: my second time seeing Third Eye Blind. They are still rockin’, despite not releasing an album in over six years. Thankfully, the audio-drought will end this summer with the release of their new album, Ursa Major. It better be worth it, after seeing some random girls tits, then seeing her makeout with another girl, all while almost being A-Night-At-The-Roxbury-ed by unknown 46- and 51-year-old males. Sick.

But the ultimate ‘not exactly ready’ moment: hearing Slow Motion live. I am one of those people who has the censored version (translation: totally instrumental). That, friends, was some pretty powerful shit.

Playlist: Faster. (new song). Wounded. Crystal Baller. Graduate. (new song). Never Let You Go. (new song:first single from new CD). Motorcycle Drive By. Palm Reader. I want you. Anything. Blinded. (new song). Jumper. Semi-Charmed Life. Slow Motion. God of Wine.

Silence is overpowering. I wonder how I will sleep with all this (un)noise.

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